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Mass Communication

The mass communication minor will provide students a broad area of intellectual studies that will prepare them for success in a diverse society of media practitioners. The minor will also allow the student the opportunity to incorporate mass communication courses that will support his/her major program of study.


Mass Communication Minor Requirements

Nineteen (19) semester hours:
COMM 1301 Introduction to Mass Media
COMM 2339 Mass Media Writing
COMM 2310 Audio Production
COMM 2311 Video Production

Six (6) hours from the following in which three (3) must be advanced:
COMM 2304 Introduction to Cinema
COMM 2306 Social Media Communication
COMM 2309 Graphic Design
COMM 2318 Digital Photography
COMM 3300 Research Methods in Communication
COMM 3310 Mass Media Law and Ethics
COMM 3321 Public Relations
COMM 3353 Advanced Video Production
COMM 3354 Advanced Audio Production
COMM 4303 Public Relations Campaigns
COMM 4308 Communication Theory
COMM 4351 Internship in Mass Media