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Mass Communication

The Mass Communication minor focuses on the broad creation, application, and dissemination of information through mass media. Courses in integrated campaigns, media law and ethics, and public relations help prepare students for careers working with news media, social media, media tactics and strategy, and other mass media distribution models. This minor is an excellent complement to majors in business and marketing, criminal justice, public health, sport management, and Christian ministry.


Mass Communication Minor Requirements

Completion of eighteen (18) semester hours: 

Required Courses:
COMM 1301 Introduction to Mass Media 
COMM 2339 Mass Media Writing 
COMM 3310 Mass Media Law and Ethics 
COMM 3321 Public Relations 
COMM 3324 Health Communication 
Three (3) hours from the following: 
COMM 4309 Persuasive Communication 
COMM 4308 Communication Theory