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Life Science BSE (B.S.E.)

The Department of biology works with the Teacher Education Program to offer a life science major for secondary level certifications (grades 7-12).  The life science major requires 44 hours of courses and 24 hours within the Department of teacher Education.  

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Education Life Science degree is to prepare students by teaching science content and skills, so that they can teach life science classes in grades 7-12 in the State of Texas.

Program Outcomes:

1.  Seniors will pass the TExES Life Science Examinations.

2.  Students will either conduct a research project, complete an internship program, or go on global study and serve trip.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes:

1.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of scientific inquiry and processes as defined by the TExES exam.

2.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of life science as defined by the TExES exam.

3.  Students will create and present grade-appropriate lessons for both the classroom and laboratory.


Life Science General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements - 42 hours
English 1301, 1302, and three hours sophomore literature - 9 hours
Fine Arts (three hours from music, theatre, fine arts, or equivalent - 3 hours
Christian Ministry 1320 and 1330 - 3 hours
History 1301 and 1302 - 6 hours
Political Science 2305 - 3 hours
Science (must be a lab science - 4 hours
Physical Activity - KINE 1238 - 2 hours
Psychology 3331- 3 hours
Mathematics 1342 - 3 hours
Communication 1311, 1315, or 1318 - 3 hours

Professional Development (See Professional Development Requirements in the Teacher Education section of the catalog - 24 hours



Life Science Major Requirements

Life Science Major Requirements
Completion of forty-four (44) semester hours
BIOL1406 General Biology I
BIOL 1407 General Biology II
BIOL 2406 Environmental of Microbiology
BIOL 2421 Fundamentals of Microbiology
BIOL 3402 Field Zoology
BIOL 3410 Field Botany
BIOL 4303 Population Ecology
BIOL 4403 Genetics
BIOL 4405 General Ecology
EDUC 3314 Educational Assessment
GSCI 3303 Secondary Methods in Teaching Science
READ 3320 Literacy for English Language Learners


Semester by Semester Plans

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