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The Pre-Law minor is an interdisciplinary plan of study designed to promote critical thinking, equip students with skills in argumentation and debate, and help prepare students for the challenges of law school.


Pre-Law Minor Requirements

Twenty-one (21) to twenty-seven (27) semester hours:
Foundation Studies: Twelve (12) semester hours:
POSC 3361 American Constitutional Development I
POSC 3362 American Constitutional Development II
RLGN 3352 Christian Ethics
ENGL 3302 Advanced Composition and Rhetoric

Support Studies: Nine (9) semester hours from the following with at least six (6) being advanced:
HIST 3323 Themes in United States History
CJUS 1301 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
CJUS 1306 Courts and Criminal Procedure
CJUS 1311 Fundamentals of Criminal Law
POSC/SPCH 4303 Political Communication
POSC 4306 Political Economy
POSC 4350 Internship
SPCH 3304 Argumentation and Debate
ENGL 3305 Critical Theory
ENGL 4351 Studies in Writing

Additional hours required for Non-Political Science Majors:
* denotes course(s) which can also meet General Education Requirements 
* POSC 2305 Federal Government 
* POSC 2304 Introduction to Political Science