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Core Values

Faculty of the History and Political Science Department affirm the following core values:

  1. Community Engagement: We will prepare our students in the tradition of the liberal arts to engage their communities as well informed, thoughtful, and responsible citizens, church members, and coworkers.
  2. Christian Identity: We will help our students gain an understanding of the importance of their Christian identity as they develop an appreciation for their place in the global community.
  3. Life-Long Learning: We will equip our students with a foundational understanding of World and U.S. history and the skills necessary to navigate the increasingly information rich world in which we live so that they can be empowered, effective, and enthusiastic life-long learners.
  4. Holistic Education: We will promote an open learning environment for our students by encouraging appropriate educational opportunities inside and outside of the classroom setting and by providing opportunities for students and faculty to partner in service opportunities.
  5. Academic Excellence: We will maintain high academic and ethical standards to ensure value of our students' degrees as they seek employment or further education.

"Thank you so much for all that you have taught me in the history courses here at ETBU.  I was definitely prepared for the state exam."
BSE History Student

"Professors pose many mind-stretching questions that are related to the material and meant to bring faith and learning together."
BSE History Student

"I came to ETBU to play football and have fun, but taking your classes has opened my eyes and allowed me to understand this world and the people in it better." 
B.A. University Studies Student