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Honors Program

The Honors Program minor is designed to complement any major field of study offered at ETBU. The purpose of the minor is to provide an intellectual backdrop to students’ chosen fields of study; acquaint them with the Western intellectual tradition; give them needed context for study at the graduate level; and equip them with critical thinking, reading, writing, and discussion skills that will prove invaluable in the working world. Students in the Honors Program minor will see that intellectual pursuits are not reserved for those in the academy but have a productive, positive bearing in all vocations.


Honors Program Minor Requirements

Eighteen (18) semester hours:
HNRS 3301 Wisdom of the Ancients
HNRS 3302 Medieval and Renaissance Measurements of Humanity
HNRS 3303 Inquiring Minds of Early Modernity
HNRS 3304 Being Human in the Modern World
HNRS 4205 Honors Project I: Proposal
HNRS 4106 Honors Project II: Research
HNRS 4207 Honors Project III: Defense
HNRS 4108 Honors Project IV: Presentation