EC-6 with Non-Certifiable Concentration in Church Ministries

General Education Requirements(42)

    English 1301, 1302, and 2341(9)
    Speech 1311 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)(3)
    History 1301 and 1302(6)
    Social Science (POSC 2303)(3)
    Science (GSCI 2301 and 2101)(4)
    Mathematics 1342(3)
    Fine Arts 3302(3)
    Physical Activity (KINE 1238)(2)
    Religion 1320 and 1330 (Old and New Testament Surveys)(6)
    Psychology 3331(3)

Professional Development for Elementary Education (24)

    EDUC 3101 Integrated Technology in the Classroom(1)
    EDUC 3102 Technology and the Curriculum(1)
    EDUC 3301 The Professional Teacher and Diverse Learners(3)
    EDUC 3302 Learning and Evaluation Theory(3)                                                                                             EDUC 3305

   EDUC 3323 Classroom Management and Effective Teaching Strategies(3)
    + EDUC 3304 Integrated Curriculum for EC-8(3)
    EDUC 3252 Language Arts Practicum in Elementary Schools(2)
    + EDUC 4252 Curriculum Practicum in Elementary Schools(2)
    § EDUC 4316 Clinical Teaching in Grades 4-8(3)
    § EDUC 4317 Clinical Teaching in Grades EC-6(3)

+ Must be taken concurrently
§ Must be taken concurrently
Non-Certifiable Concentration in Church Ministries(54)

    READ 3320 Literacy for English Language Learners
    GEOG 1303 Foundations of Geography
    GSCI 3308 Science for Elementary Teachers
    KINE 3301 Health and Fitness in the Elementary School
    MATH 3301 Number Systems
    MATH 3302 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers
    MUSI 3301 Music for Elementary Education
    SSCI 3307 Social Studies for Elementary Teachers
    READ 3305 Language Skills in Reading
    READ 3316 Pre-Literacy Development
    READ 3317 Reading Theory and Practice in the Elementary School
    READ 3318 Teaching Disciplinary Literacy in the Content Area
    EDUC 3353 Special Education
    READ 3364 Children’s Literature for the Elementary School
    Plus twelve (12) semester hours of religion courses, nine (9) hours of which must be advanced.
    RLGN 1320 and 1330 cannot be used as part of the twelve (12) hours.

Electives (to total 122 hours)
Total: Minimum one hundred twenty-two (122) semester hours