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School of Natural and Social Sciences

Forensic Science

A minor in Forensic Science would complement a variety of degrees including Chemistry, Biology, Criminal Justice, or Behavior Sciences. Students who plan to seek a career in the field of forensics as a licensed professional should also complete an undergraduate statistics course before graduation. 


Forensic Science Minor Requirements

Eighteen (18) semester hours:
CHEM 3307 Forensic Chemistry I
CHEM 3107 Forensic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 3317 Forensic Chemistry II
CHEM 3117 Forensic Chemistry II Laboratory
CJUS 3314 Criminal Investigation
CJUS 3315 Crime Scene Investigation 
CJUS 3115 Crime Scene Investigation Laboratory
Pick one of the following:
CHEM 4351 Internship in Chemistry
Three (3) advanced hours in Criminal Justice