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Finance/Economics (B.B.A.)

The University anticipates offering this degree contingent upon approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

The School of Business seeks to prepare undergraduate students for careers in business, and nonprofit organizations and to provide students with the academic preparation necessary to undertake study in various graduate and professional degree programs. The department strives to instill Christian values in its students and to develop individuals who are committed to the ethical standards in business fostered by the Christian faith. Students completing the undergraduate business degree programs offered by the School of Business should:

  1. Possess a working knowledge of the core business subjects.
  2. Be prepared to pursue employment opportunities or graduate studies in business.
  3. Be able to apply Christian values in their vocational and personal lives.


  1. Students will understand accounting, economics and finance principles necessary for business practice. 
  2. Students will analyze and interpret data for decision-making.
  3. Students will utilize software to produce useable business-related documents. 


General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements - 42 hours
English 1301, 1302, and three hours sophomore literature - 9 hours
Fine Arts (three hours from music, theatre, fine arts, art, or equivalent) - 3 hours
Religion 1320 and 1330 - 6 hours
History - 3 hours
Political Science 2305 - 3 hours
Social Science - ECON 2301 - 3 hours
Physical Activity - KINE 1238 - 2 hours
Science (must be lab science) - 4 hours
Mathematics 1342 and three additional hours - 6 hours
Speech 1311 or 1315 - 3 hours

BBA Core (see below) - 30 hours
Major Area of Study Required from available Majors (see below) - 30 hours
Minor (optional, minimum of 18 hours if selected) - 18 hours
Electives (to total 120 hours)
Total: Minimum one hundred twenty (120) semester hours

BBA Core Requirements

Completion of thirty (30) semester hours:
ACCT 2301 Principles of Financial Accounting
ACCT 2302 Principles of Managerial Accounting
BUAD 1305 Business Software Applications
BUAD 3327 Business Law
BUAD 3366 Business Research Methods
BUAD 3367 Business and Accounting Ethics
ECON 2302 Microeconomics
FINA 3344 Managerial Finance
MGMT 2350 Principles of Management
MKTG 2324 Principles of Marketing

Finance/Economics Major Requirements

Completion of thirty (30) semester hours
     FINA 4352 Corporate Finance
     FINA 4380 Investments
     ECON 3323 Schools of Economic Thought
     ECON 4323 Economic History of the United States
     ECON 4301 Econometrics for Economics and Finance
     ECON 4302 Forecasting
Twelve (12) semester hours from the following:
     Upper Level FINA/ECON/ACCT

Semester by Semester Plans

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Course Rotations

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