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Health Administration

Health care services are the most rapidly growing field in the United States and is projected to grow even more over the next several decades. A minor or concentration in Health Care administration provides an avenue for those students who want to be a part of the healthcare profession but don’t desire to go to medical school or to other specialized allied health training. It makes an excellent complement to majors in Business, Nursing, or many other degree options.


Health Administration Minor Requirements

Eighteen (18) semester hours:
Fifteen (15) required hours as follows:
HADM 3301 U.S. Health Care Delivery
HADM 3302 Health Care Law and Ethics
HADM 4301 Health Policy
HADM 4302 Health Care Finance
HADM 4320 Health Care Administration and Management

Three (3) semester hours from the following: 
HADM 4310 Health Care Quality and Accreditation
MGMT 3353 Human Resource Management
BUAD 3316 Social Media for Business Applications
LEAD 3301 Leadership Foundations
LEAD 4303 Christian Servant Leadership
MGMT 4353 Organizational Leadership and Management
MGMT 4310 Organizational Change and Development
MGMT 4351 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 4355 Conflict Resolution
MGMT 4357 Theory and Practice of Supervision