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The Economics/Finance minor requires a business core curriculum that provides the student with a common body of business knowledge. It is anticipated that Economics/Finance minors will gain sufficient training in methods of economic and financial analysis for the development of skills that can translate directly into entry-level positions in economics or financial career tracks.


Economics/Finance Minor Requirements

Eighteen (18) semester hours:
Nine (9) required hours as follows:
ECON 3333 Intermediate Economics
ECON/FINA 3302 Money and Banking
FINA 4352 Corporate Finance

Nine (9) semester hours from the following:
ECON 3343 Problems in Economics
ECON 3361 International Trade
FINA 4350 Finance Internship
FINA 4351 Public Finance
FINA 4380 Investments
POSC 4306 Political Economy
POSC 4365 Comparative Economic and Political Systems
HIST 3316 U.S. Economic History