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Department of History and Political Science

With a history degree from ETBU you can do much more than you might think. Our rigorous and personalized programs prepare students to compete with graduates from much larger institutions. We offer courses that push students to develop critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that are essential in many career fields. 

Departmental Mission

As faculty, we want our students to be competent observers and analysts of history and political institutions and events from a Christian worldview. We emphasize study of the global human past, traditions and laws, politics and government, and human interaction with the environment. We seek to balance our history and political science courses with other courses in the liberal arts so that students gain the broad education necessary to be successful in various careers and to be servant leaders in their communities. 


"Thank you so much for all that you have taught me in the history courses here at ETBU.  I was definitely prepared for the state exam."
- BSE History Student

"Professors pose many mind-stretching questions that are related to the material and meant to bring faith and learning together."
- BSE History Student

"I came to ETBU to play football and have fun, but taking your classes has opened my eyes and allowed me to understand this world and the people in it better." 
- B.A. University Studies Student 

Contact Information

Department of History and Political Science
903.923.2083 |

Dr. Jerry Summers
Dean, School of Humanities
Professor, History

Dr. Sandy Hoover
Chair of the History & Political Science Department
Professor, History

Dr. Jenny Hoover
Assistant Professor, History and Geography

Dr. Israel Nandamudi
Professor, Political Science

Dr. Jeff Dillman
Adjunct Instructor, History

Lauren Moore
Adjunct Instructor, History

Katie Sanders
Adjunct Instructor, Political Science