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Criminal Justice

The purpose of this minor is to stimulate thinking about the nature of justice and just relations within society, and to introduce students to the field of justice administration which includes, but is not limited to, law enforcement, corrections (court, prison, and parole), legal assisting, court administration, private security, and juvenile justice.


Criminal Justice Minor Requirements

Eighteen (18) semester hours:
CJUS 1301 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

Two courses (6 hours) from the following:
CJUS 1306 Courts and Criminal Procedure
CJUS 1311 Fundamentals of Criminal Law
CJUS 1313 Juvenile Delinquency
CJUS 2313 Correctional Systems and Practices
CJUS 2314 Police Systems and Practices

Nine (9) additional advanced hours in criminal justice Forensic Science Technician Requirements are listed in the Biology and Chemistry Sections.