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Honors Program Forms, Archives


Past Honors Projects


Sara Corley, "Making a Better World: An Analytic Comparison between John Locke and the Apostle Paul"
Project Supervisor: Dr. Jeph Holloway

Katelynn Rochelle Morvant, "Nonprofit Organizations and the Art of Fundraising"
Project Supervisor: Dr. Cole Franklin

Tiana Ballard, "From Snow White to Big Hero Six: The Relationship Between Disney's Animated Films and Gender Role Perceptions" Project Supervisor: Dr. Laurie E. Smith

Caroline Donica, "An Examination of the Correlation Between the Justification and Glorification of War in Charles Mee's Iphigenia 2.0: A Director's Approach"
Project Supervisor: Ms. Tracy Ledford

Ashley Johnson, "Evil in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Wicked"
Project Supervisor: Dr. Troy White

Joseph H. Meadows, "An Investigation into Air Sample Testing Using a Miniature Atmospheric Chamber and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry"
Project Supervisor: Dr. Kristin Butterworth 


Michelle Ray


Desmond Coleman
Melodie Blackmon
Bethany Rosado
Lya Swaner
Lauryn McCurry
Kelsey Shaw


Alicia D. Ethridge - The Relationship between Self-Esteem and Interpretation of Nonverbal Immediacy
Casey Morris - Transcending the Tradition: Viewing W.B. Yeats as a late-Romantic
Cullen Pressley - A Comparison of the Woody Vegetation in Adjacent Riparian and Upland Areas Inhabited by Beaver
Francisco X. Abad Guerra - Significance and Application of the Socialism of the 21st Century in Latin America: A Case Study on Ecuador and the Administration of President Rafael Correa
Jacqueline D. Austin - Effective Family Support Models in Elementary Schools
Jessica L. Powell - Course Evaluations at East Texas Baptist University
Natalie Renee Morrison - The Effects of Dual-Income Stress in Organizational Outcomes


Martha Elaine Thacker


Amber Peery - The Effect of Similarity Discovered Through Pre-Interaction on the Attraction and Relationship of Assigned Roommates
Jennifer Shafer - The Two-Part and Three-Part Inventions of Bach: A Mathematical Analysis
John Mitchell Barton - The Effects of Achievement Goals, Gender, and Leisure on Motivation for Physical Activity
Lynn Wartberg - Report
Mercedes Elizabeth Hill - The Relationship between Self-Esteem, Body Image, Social Influences, and Negative Eating


Katherine Bauer - The Stereotype Cycle and Special Interest Propaganda in Film and Theater
Mandi Burton - An Honors Project on Civil Religious Rhetoric
Shantel Shaffer - The Effects of Treatment on Self-Mutilating Behaviors
Laura K. Corley - On Quantum Mechanics and Free-Will
Marlana Dugger - Infinite Perception: William Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Maria Spelling - The Effect of an Empathy Training Program on Aggression in Elementary Age Children


Lauren Redkey- The Extent of Self-Disclosure Between College Students and Their Parents
Joshua D. Walker- The Psych-Epistemology of Religious Maturity: Heuristic Faith as a Matrix for Growth


Kristen Laib - Effects of Attraction on Relationship Longevity