Bachelor Programs

The curriculum of the Department of Religion is designed to lead students to a mature understanding of the Bible, to assist students in their development of a Christian worldview, to prepare students for additional graduate studies, and to equip students to serve as pastors, youth ministers, education ministers, missionaries, professors, and other positions of Christian leadership.

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Degrees Offered

Available Majors

  • B.A. in Religion
  • B.A./M.A.C.M.
  • B.A./M.A.R.

Available Concentrations

  • Biblical Studies
  • Children and Discipleship Ministry¬†
  • Missions¬†
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Youth and Discipleship Ministry

Available Minors

  • Biblical Languages
  • Children and Discipleship Ministry
  • Missions
  • Religion
  • Youth and Discipleship Ministry

*Course descriptions found on pages 169 and 202-205.

Degree through the Education Department:

  • B.S.E. - Elementary (for teacher certification) EC-6 Interdisciplinary Major with Church Ministries Concentration (pages 132-135)

For further information, please contact the School of Christian Studies at the following:

Office phone: 903.923.2180