SGA Updates

SGA is constantly working to address student concerns and improve ETBU.  Below are some projects and proposals that SGA has undertaken.

Funding of Campus Activities
Each academic year, SGA provides funds for student organizations and events. During the 2014-2015 year, the following organizations and events were funded by the SGA:

  • AMA - Campus Interest Meeting and Pizza Party
  • UA - Drive-In Movie
  • Student Foundation - Homecoming Bonfire
  • Chem Club - Halloween Chemistry Fair
  • Centennial Hall - ETBU 2KInColor
  • Mabee Hall - The Christmas Party
  • FCA - Ambush Basketball game
  • Fry Hall & FCA - Superbowl Party
  • Tiger Line - Black History events
  • Ornelas Hall - Java Jam
  • Delta Pi Theta - Easter Egg Hunt
  • BSM - Powder Puff Game
  • Student Foundation - Connexus

Laundry Initiative
During the spring 2012 semester, SGA surveyed students and researched laundry options. As a result of their work, a new vendor, Mac-Gray Corporation began being utilized beginning in fall 2012. New machines were installed with unlimited use for residents. Residents activate the machines with their student IDs. Additionally, with the LaundryView system, students are able to receive alerts when clothes are ready and also check machine availability. 

Security Initiative
During the spring 2012 semester, SGA proposed the installation of additional security cameras on campus. As a result of their work, additional cameras were installed in the residence halls during summer 2012.

Parking Initiative
During the fall 2011 semester, SGA proposed a change to the parking policies. The proposal was submitted to the University Administrative Cabinet and approved. As a result, students are now allowed to park in faculty and commuter spots between 5pm-7am.

Graduate Program Representation
During the fall 2011 semester, the SGA constitution was amended to allow for three graduate student senator positions.

Internet Upgrade
At the beginning of the fall 2011 semester, the ETBU internet service was running at 45 mbps. SGA senators met with IT to discuss concerns, and the service was increased to 100 mbps.

Curfew Initiative
During the spring 2011 semester, SGA proposed the elimination of curfew for freshmen. The proposal was submitted to the University Administrative Cabinet and approved.

Dancing Initiative
During the fall 2009 semester, SGA submitted a proposal requesting that the Fall Formal and a Spring Fling dance be allowed to be held on the ETBU campus. The proposal was approved, and the first on-campus Spring Fling was held on March 6, 2010. This event was hosted by SAB (Student Activities Board). As a result of SGA's work, the University now authorizes two campus dances each year through the Office of Student Affairs. Dance performances by other University-sanctioned groups are coordinated by various University departments.