Chapel Credit must be earned by every student graduating from East Texas Baptist University without exception. The number of credits necessary for graduation are determined according to the following table:

Number of Semesters Enrolled
Chapel Credits Needed
8 or more 6
7 5
6 4
5 4
4 3
3 2
2 1
1 1

How are credits obtained?

Credits are earned each semester by attending at least 75% of scheduled Chapels. Students are required to maintain a valid, scannable Student ID Card. This card is scanned at the end of each Chapel to record attendance. The scanner displays a green light when the card is accepted and a red light if it is not accepted. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that his/her card scans correctly. Any scan problems should be brought to the attention of Spiritual Development Staff immediately.

Chapel Makeups

Although it is the intent for those enrolled in Chapel to attend all scheduled chapel/assembly programs, the University recognizes that circumstances may require one to miss some programs. In order to help students meet their 75% requirement, there is an on-line make-up process. The Makeup Process includes watching chapel on-line, completing Makeup Form (limited to 7 per semester) and returning it to Spiritual Development Department. Makeup Forms are accepted up to 30 days after the semester ends. The Makeup Form is available on Watch Chapel page or a hard copy may be obtained from the Spiritual Development Office.

Alternative programs may be allowed in a given semester for students with special problems relating to the regular chapel/assembly schedule, such as being enrolled in only Tuesday-Thursday and/or night classes. A reduction in the number of programs required for chapel assembly credit may be allowed for students enrolled for 7 to 11 semester hours. Forms for requesting a reduction or an alternate program are available in the Office of Spiritual Development and decisions concerning such requests are made by the Office of Spiritual Development and the Chapel/Assembly Advisory Committee.

Students enrolled in fewer than seven (7) hours in a given semester are exempt from chapel/assembly for that semester. Such students, nevertheless, are subject to the minimum chapel credits prior to graduation.

Students not pursuing a degree are exempt from all chapel/assembly requirements. Transfer students may request credit for chapel attended at previous institutions by contacting the Office of Spiritual Development.