Chapel Information

Chapel is an important part of student life at ETBU and a required element for all undergraduate students (See Chapel Credit Policy). All the Chapel programs are designed to nurture our spirit as individuals and as members of the ETBU community. As followers of Christ, we recognize the privilege of gathering for corporate worship where we may express to God our dependence on Him; hear and respond to the Word of God; grow in our understanding of the Christian faith and offer our heartfelt praise. The discipline of regularly convening as a community strengthens our Christian walk both corporately and as individuals.

When and where do Chapel services take place?

Chapel services are generally held each Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. in the Baker Auditorium in the Ornelas Spiritual Life Center. The services are a mix of contemporary and traditional in format. Special evening chapel services are held on occasion each semester.

How does Chapel accommodate different worship styles?

Services display characteristics of contemporary evangelicalism, but they will also reflect the rich heritage of the church over the past two millennia. Chapel services also affirm the diversity within the body of Christ as is evident within our members and across the globe. Through our programs students discover much about the nature and challenges of global Christianity, including the vitality and character of churches in several regions of the world.

What about Sunday worship?

While ETBU sponsors Chapel services during the week, participation in Chapel should not replace attendance and involvement in a church. Students are strongly encouraged to find a local church where they can worship and contribute regularly.

How can I get the most out of Chapel?

  • Come with an open mind and heart.

  • Be respectful! Chapel services should be approached in a spirit of reverence. Bringing food or drink into the building; doing homework during the services; or talking while others are speaking/singing is disrespectful.

  • Out of Reverence for God, avoid disruptions!

  • Be good host! ETBU often welcomes guest speakers that have never visited the campus. Participate appropriately so that our guest feel and sense our hospitality

  • Remember that while everyone may not connect with each chapel speaker, someone probably is engaged so please remain respectfully quiet so as not to disrupt.

For more information on requirements, procedures, etc. please stop by the Spiritual Development Office in the Ornelas Spiritual Life Center or contact us at (903)923-2173.