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Lilly Small Grant Initiative

Human Rights, Reconciliation, and Restorative Justice:  East Texas and the World

This ETBU initiative received support from a Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts Small Grant. The grant initiative involved faculty, staff, students, churches and community in interdisciplinary learning and service activities and events.

The program:

  • involved participants in panel discussions, chapel programs, and student activities focused on issues of human rights, forgiveness and reconciliation, social justice, and a campus and local initiative to develop awareness and a program of restorative justice.
  • included concurrent academic classes in literature, history, religion, political science and the behavioral sciences.
  • was intended to include participation by the public, public school and college students, and members of law enforcement, the bar and the judiciary.
  • involved professors whose disciplines, teaching or classes lead students to examine themes and topics related to the initiative. 


First, that the humanities and the social sciences provide complementary resources to complete the tasks of moral education, personal development and identity, spiritual maturity, and responsible engagement with family, community, the nation and world. 

Second, that the humanities contribute to personal and civic virtues through studies in literature and media on themes of justice and reconciliation, through biblical and theological studies, and through activities that promote awareness of similar concerns among societies around the world.

Lilly Fellows Network / Lilly Fellows Program in the Humanities and Arts Small Grant Program

The Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts "seeks to strengthen the quality and shape the character of church-related institutions of higher learning in the twenty-first century."  See more about the Lilly Fellows Program.

Read about the Small Grant Program.

ETBU joined The Lilly Fellows Network of 101 colleges and universities in November 2010.

ETBU's President, Dr. J. Blair Blackburn, is the administrative representative to the LFP for ETBU. Dr. Jerry L. Summers, Dean of the School of Humanities, is presently the LFP faculty campus representative.