Honors Seminars

During their time at ETBU, honors students participate in specially designed interdisciplinary seminars. These courses do not require a greater quantity of work but cater to the student-scholars' greater self-motivation and greater capacity for critical thinking. Students will encounter more open-ended questions in these classes, they will enjoy a lower faculty-to-student ratio, and they will work more directly with the questions at the heart of the disciplines they study.

Honors students must take twelve of their general education class hours in honors courses. Alternatively, they may take nine hours in honors courses and assume a leadership position in an on-campus honor society for one full year.

Honors Seminar for Spring 2017:

ENGL 2370 Silver Screen Savior

Dr. David Splawn (English)
and Dr. Jennifer Bashaw (Religion)

This Honors Seminar is an interdisciplinary course that will combine the exploration and discussion of the person of work of Jesus Christ as presented in the Gospels with a study of Jesus-figures and Christ-figures in contemporary cinema. Through the analysis of the Gospels, secondary literature, and film texts, students will gain an understanding of the both the Gospel accounts of Jesus Christ and the cinema’s adaptation of his person and work. In addition, students will develop an understanding of the principles of film form in order to become more sensitive and mindful film viewers.