Honors Seminars

During their time at ETBU, honors students participate in specially designed interdisciplinary seminars. These courses do not require a greater quantity of work but cater to the student-scholars' greater self-motivation and greater capacity for critical thinking. Students will encounter more open-ended questions in these classes, they will enjoy a lower faculty-to-student ratio, and they will work more directly with the questions at the heart of the disciplines they study.

Honors students must take twelve of their general education class hours in honors courses. Alternatively, they may take nine hours in honors courses and assume a leadership position in an on-campus honor society for one full year.

Honors Seminar for Fall 2016:

HIST 2371 The Gilded Age

Dr. Tyler Watts (Economics)
and Dr. Sandy Hoover (History)

In this course, students will investigate the economic, political, and cultural changes in the United States during the period of rapid industrialization following the Civil War. The course offers a survey of the great industrial tycoons and corporations, including Rockefeller, Carnegie, Schwab, J. P. Morgan, and Vanderbilt, and their impact on product and labor markets.