Honors Classes

 University Scholars Classes

Me_with_Students.jpgDuring their first two years at ETBU, University Scholars participate in specially designed sections of general education courses. These courses do not require a greater quantity of work, but cater to the student-scholars' greater self-motivation and greater capacity for critical thinking. Students will encounter more open-ended questions in these classes, they will enjoy a lower faculty-to-student ratio, and they will work more directly with the questions at the heart of the disciplines they study.



For the 2013-2014 academic year, we will offer the following courses:

In the Fall:Stan_Photo.jpg

English 2331 World Literature with Dr. Stan Coppinger:
TR 11:00-12:20 

Speech 1311 Fundamentals of Speech with Dr. Cole Franklin: TR 12:30-1:50

Religion 1330 Introduction to the New Testament with Dr. Elijah Brown: TR 9:30-10:50 

General Studies 1120 The Idea of a University with Dr. Cassandra Falke: W 2:00-1:50


 Peyton_Photo.jpgIn the Spring:

History 3323 Themes in US History with Dr. Sandy Hoover: MWF 11:00-11:50

Psychology 2301 Introduction to Psychology with Dr. Bob Benefield: MWF 1-1:50

Religion 1320 Introduction to the Old Testament with Dr. Elijah Brown: TR 8:00-9:20

Math 1342: Elementary Statistics with Dr. Marty Warren: TR 11:00-12:20

Music 1372: Music Humanities with Dr. Virginia Boaz: TR 9:30-10:50