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ETBU Partners with Marshall ISD for MAV PATH Program

March 3, 2023

In an effort to address the need for more qualified teachers, East Texas Baptist University has partnered with Marshall Independent School District (MISD) to create the Mav PATH Program. The agreement, signed Tuesday, February 28, will give selected paraprofessionals the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Education in the area of Elementary Education.

“This is a great opportunity to partner with MISD to equip paraprofessionals to become certified teachers. We are always excited to collaborate with the wonderful people at MISD,” Assistant Provost for Adult and Graduate Studies Vince Blankenship said.

Marshall ISD will identify 15 paraprofessionals who have served within the district for at least one year to enroll in the program and will pay each student’s tuition and course fees. In addition, students in the program will have access to all ETBU student services.

“The most exciting part of MAV Path is the multi-dimensional impact of this educational opportunity for children, teachers, schools, and communities, not to mention the impact on the livelihood of these graduates for years to come,” Vice President for Academics and Provost Dr. Thomas Sanders said. “This program is a family and community systems changer.”

The pathway allows MISD paraprofessionals the opportunity to acquire job-embedded experience as a classroom teacher while completing college credits through ETBU to obtain a college degree with teacher certification.

“MISD is thrilled to offer this opportunity to some of our finest paraprofessionals. We believe this is a win-win for all involved. I want to thank Blair Blackburn and his ETBU staff for working with MISD to make this happen,” Marshall ISD Superintendent Dr. Richele Langley said.

East Texas Baptist will continue to further academic opportunities for students through additional partnerships with organizations and institutions. To learn more about the University’s programs, visit