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ETBU celebrates continuous growing enrollment for the Spring 2019 semester

January 26, 2019

East Texas Baptist University has a total Spring 2019 enrollment of 1,398 students, an almost two percent increase from Spring 2018. Graduate enrollment has grown more than four percent from Fall 2018.  The University maintains a high undergraduate student retention rate of 88 percent. The University’s collaborative student learning-centered, retention initiatives have led to a unified and strengthened campus community for an overall enriched Christ-centered college experience for all students.

“It is exciting to be a part of the enrollment growth at ETBU and see the record numbers of students returning and new students joining the Tiger family,” ETBU Vice President of Enrollment and Administrative Affairs Kevin Caffey said. “I am grateful to work with an incredible team of Admissions and Financial Aid staff members, who care about students and serve relentlessly each day to ensure students are guided through the admissions, scholarship, and financial aid processes. I am thankful for generations of donors, who have given to ETBU, allowing the institution to provide generous scholarship packages to students, making private Christ-centered education a reality.”

To provide more academic and engagement opportunities for students, ETBU continues to expand its educational degree and co-curricular programs. This spring, the Adult Education program saw growth of over 65 percent while the new Clinical Laboratory Science program grew 50 percent.

“This year brings a new dimension of growth with the expansion of our new Clinical Lab Science program,” ETBU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Thomas Sanders said. “Every student is an opportunity to expand God’s kingdom through the development of Christian servant leaders. God continues to bless us in this regard.”

Leading into the Spring 2019 Semester, the University hosted Welcome Week for all new students from Thursday, January 10 through Sunday, January 13. The event consisted of sessions regarding life on campus, academic support, and financial literacy; corporate Bible studies; small group gatherings; Tiger Basketball games; and a worship service at a local church.

“In the spring, I am able to connect more with our new students and know them all on a more personal level,” ETBU Director of Student Activities Laura Coursey said. “Students involved in Residence Life help with the event, as they are prominent student leaders on campus. As we all have meals, explore Marshall, experience our East Texas culture, enjoy game nights, and attend sessions together, we learn about one another and become close-knit. The event provides our new students with quality, one-on-one time with their peers and the Student Affairs staff.”

Quality academic programs and student life activities contribute to a positive and dynamic student experience. While East Texas Baptist continues to see increased enrollment, its mission of providing a transformational, Christ-centered education through biblical faith and scholarship integration remains constant.

“We rejoice in the news of another record-breaking spring semester enrollment. What an opportunity we have through our Christ-centered community to share the Gospel of Jesus with students and to encourage believers in their spiritual development and discipleship with the Lord,” ETBU President J. Blair Blackburn shared. “We thank all of our employees, who each play a significant part in the recruitment and retention of new and continuing students. How grateful we are to the Lord for leading each of these students to study and be equipped for their vocational callings.  With our dedicated Christian, servant-hearted faculty and staff, our students are receiving a biblical, faith-integrated, transformational educational experience. We look ahead to a monumental semester for our University and unite in our efforts to follow the course of God’s vision for ETBU and our Tiger students and future graduates.”