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East Texas Regional Phi Alpha Theta Conference Recognizes ETBU Students for Outstanding Research

April 26, 2024

Three students from the School of Christian Studies and Humanities at East Texas Baptist University were honored for their exceptional research papers at the East Texas Regional Phi Alpha Theta Conference held at Stephen F. Austin University on Saturday, April 13th.

“We are privileged to work with such a good group of students on our campus,” Dean for the School of Christian Studies and Humanities Sandy Hoover said. “I’m glad to see their hard work is being recognized in the wider East Texas community."

Senior history major Gracyn Stroman was awarded the Best Paper accolade for her paper titled "Westward Women: Satisfaction and Optimism on the Overland Trails." Senior social studies secondary education major Spencer Carey received an Honorable Mention for his paper titled, "A Local Homefront Effort During World War II: How the Women of Harrison County, Texas Responded to the United States' Declaration of War." Senior humanities Parker Boone also received an Honorable Mention for his paper titled, "Federal Power and State Sovereignty: Debates and Dynamics from the Constitutional Convention."

"It was a very special privilege for me to present my research at the Phi Alpha Theta conference,” Spencer Carey said. “I worked very hard for a whole semester researching and writing my paper. I’m thrilled that the judges liked my paper enough to present me with the honorable mention award. I’d like to thank Dr. Sandy Hoover and Dr. Jenny Hoover for helping me stay motivated through the process of researching and drafting an award-worthy paper."

Phi Alpha Theta is a prestigious National Honor Society for undergraduate and graduate students and professors of history, promoting excellence in historical research and scholarship. Regional conferences held at universities across the United States offer a platform for students to present their award-winning papers, with the opportunity to submit them for consideration at the National Conference.

"Throughout the research process, I was blessed with a unique opportunity to investigate the journals of many women traveling along the overland trails in the 19th century,” Gracyn Stroman said. “Some of these journals told the story of courage, perseverance, determination, and a total trust in God. I am thankful to have encountered these women through their journals and share their stories with others."