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Rachel Wimpey presents art collection to East Texas Baptist University

November 16, 2021

Artist Rachel Wimpey visited East Texas Baptist University on Monday, November 15, to present her art as a gift to the University and speak to students during chapel. Wimpey is a dynamic artist, teacher, and former gallery owner from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The artwork, now on display full time at the University, features “Let There Be,” a 7-panel series depicting the Genesis account of God’s creation that was originally commissioned for the Institute for Creation Research in Dallas, Texas, as well as two individual works titled “All I Have,” a depiction of The Feeding of the Five Thousand found in John 6, and her genius “Lion of Judah.”

“Nothing is more powerful than the Word of God,” Wimpey said. “How do we know that? We see it in Genesis 1. When God speaks, everything changes. The atmosphere, the molecules, everything is in alignment with what He says. I've really learned about the power of God in doing this project. We have to work very hard to do things. I worked for two years on this project. God, in a moment and in a word, creates whatever He wants. The power that we have is based on His Word. As you look at these works of art here at ETBU, I want you to be reminded of that. I pray that it stirs up faith and hope for you and reminds you that nothing is more powerful than the Word of God.”

After completing her art degree from Dallas Baptist University, Rachel worked as a director’s assistant at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas. A love of art history and study of the Old Master’s, along with travel throughout Europe, Asia, and South America, has provided the framework for her style and direction. Prints of her biblical pieces can be found in churches, offices, homes, and community spaces around the world, including Brazil, Peru, South Korea, Ghana, Germany, and England. Over the last 11 years, she has used the medium of paint to depict spiritual realities and spiritual truths, which is evident in her work that centers on biblical themes.

“I'm telling you the world needs Jesus,” she continued. “I've been around the world. We have an answer, and we have the Truth, and it is our job to share it. It is time for the people of God to rise up and stand for Truth. And just because you're in college does not mean that you have to wait until you graduate or get a job to take a stand. You can right now, and we need you to right now.”

Rachel Wimpey’s subject matter ranges from historical to biblical to portraiture in a contemporary impressionistic style. Her work in oil, acrylic, and watercolor can be found in collections across the country, including a 5-panel mural at Oklahoma Baptist University, a 3-panel mural at her alma mater commissioned by ETBU President J. Blair Blackburn, and now several pieces on display at ETBU. “Let There Be” will be on display in the Great Commission Center in the third floor Creation Gallery. “All I Have” will be prominently displayed in the lobby of Harvey Daniel Bruce Hall, ETBU’s School of Education, for all who enter the building to be inspired to give of themselves fully to Jesus, and “Lion of Judah” will be placed in a prominent position on campus to allow students, faculty, staff, and any University visitors to marvel and reflect on the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“I could not be more proud to display Rachel’s marvelous depictions of our Creator’s great works here at East Texas Baptist,” Dr. Blackburn said. “I am confident that her art will serve as a constant reminder of the power of God’s Word and will stir in our hearts an urgency to stand up for His Truth from the Word of God not only here in East Texas, but throughout the world as we go to serve from the Hill at ETBU and beyond. These pieces will add significant meaning to our campus, specifically in the future home for the ‘Lion of Judah,’ the Great Commission Center/Fred Hale School of Business building, and H.D. Bruce Hall.”