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ETBU honors University donors during Legacy 1912 Luncheon

November 11, 2021

East Texas Baptist University welcomed ETBC and ETBU retirees, Legacy of 1912 Society Members, and Endowed Scholarship Donors to campus Wednesday, November 10, for the annual Legacy of 1912 Society Luncheon.

“The Legacy of 1912 Society is named in honor of the year the charter was signed establishing a Christian college in Marshall, Texas,” ETBU President J. Blair Blackburn said. “Every student at this luncheon is a student that our faithful donors have enabled, through their investment, to come to ETBU and pursue Christian education. We have a responsibility to the Lord, to each other, and to the future generation of students, to carry forth what God has put in our hands the responsibility to ensure that this institution remains faithful to Him and never moves from its foundation as a Christ-centered university.”

The Legacy of 1912 Society is comprised of alumni and friends who, through thoughtful estate planning and other forms of planned giving, ensure that resources will be available to support ETBU far into the future. During the luncheon, the University celebrated those who choose to give, so ETBU students can continue to pursue the God-given calling on their lives. Attendees were encouraged with a message from Dr. David Dykes, Pastor Emeritus at Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler and current Interim Pastor at Mobberly Baptist Church, Longview.

“I want to encourage you all today about your investment in God's economy,” Dr. Dykes said. “You need to know about God’s economy because one day the global economy is going to be done, and the American economy is going to be completely gone, but God's economy will go on and on forever. So, you are a wise person if you invest in and get involved with God's economy. To paraphrase, Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:19 not to store up for yourselves treasures on earth, but store up for yourself treasures in heaven. Don’t save up in your pockets for a rainy day. What you have received from God, give back to Him, and get in on God’s economy.”

For many Legacy of 1912 members, generations of ETBU alumni and students have fondly called the University their Home on the Hill. The impact of their giving, which includes wills, annuities, trusts, and insurance policies, can be seen across campus.

“It is a privilege to have you with us on campus,” Vice President for Advancement Dr. Scott Bryant said to the attendees. “We hope you've enjoyed your time with some of our students today. As my staff and I visit with alumni, we hear repeatedly how God called them to ETBU and how God provided a way for them to go to college here. It's because of people like you. We are so grateful for those of you who have been giving to the institution for years and those of you who served faithfully here for years. You've certainly made an impact in our students lives and on our alumni. Thank you for your contribution, and I hope today reminded you of the impact you're having, not just for now, but for years and years to come. We are indeed, so grateful.”