Leadership Minor

Leadership opportunities abound.  We need leaders in business, government, education, health care, churches, sports, and the sciences.  We need individuals who will take on positions of leadership, but also those who will lead without title or position to bring about great change in our world. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the result when people aspire to lead, but aren’t equipped with the knowledge and skill to do so.  And perhaps more tragically, when they haven’t considered the ethical implications of the choices they make as leaders.

The leadership minor at ETBU provides an opportunity for students to consider the important questions about who ought to lead and how to make wise choices, especially when leadership choices impact others.  Students also learn numerous leadership models and theories that can be applied in a wide-variety of fields.  Further, students gain practical skills in leadership to prepare them for the opportunities ahead.

The leadership minor is an excellent complement to a wide variety of majors as students will make applications for leadership theory within their major fields of study.

Leadership Minor Forms