The ETBU story is compelling... Where you spend your college years will shape how you spend every year after college. It won't just affect the name of the school on your diploma. It will play a defining role in what you believe, how you think, and who you become. Our students aren't just attending classes to earn a degree. They are living the bigger picture through an experience unlike any other - an experience of faith, community, learning, and leading.

The shared goal of everyone at ETBU is this: when you leave us, you leave not merely with a degree, but with a purpose. That purpose is different for everyone, but the common theme is that our students are prepared to be light to the world wherever they go, whatever they do. That's why we believe college is about growing in the ways you want to grow – and in the ways you can't imagine growing. It's about experiencing community and expanding your mind. It's about becoming who God created you to be for the rest of your life

We believe ETBU is the type of school that will inspire and equip you to be who you were made to be. But we don't think you should take our word for it. We think you should come experience it for yourself. There are a variety of ways for you to experience ETBU up close, including big events and customized individual visits. Come visit at a time that’s convenient for you! You’ll meet with current students, sit in on a class, talk with an admissions counselor, experience worship during chapel, try out a complimentary meal in the cafeteria, and much more!

The ETBU experience develops men and women who are ready to lead, some boldly, others in quiet humility. Either way, the story is the same – a college experience that empowered them to discover the purpose for their life.