Concerned about affording a private college? It's time to take a look at the value and opportunities available at East Texas Baptist University.

ETBU awards over 16 million dollars in financial aid. With the financial assistance ETBU can provide, your out-of-pocket expense can be surprisingly affordable. 

2015-16 Academic Year


 Per Year 

Tuition (14 hours per semester)



Centennial Hall



14 Meal Plan 










$775 per semester hour
$484 General Student Fee (per semester)
$1711 Meal Plan (per semester, 14 meals per week)
$2288 Centenial Hall Housing


Financial Aid Budget (or Cost of Attendance) that also includes indirect expenses - Estimated Cost

Please remember that over 99% of our students receive aid which makes your out of pocket expenses very affordable. 


ETBU awarded over $9 million in scholarships and grants this year and over 99% of our students receive financial aid. This makes your out of pocket expense much lower than the above amount. ETBU strives to provide an affordable, quality education.


ETBU offers a payment plan that allows the semester charges to be divided into five payments. Please click here to read about our payment plan.