M.Ed. with Sports & Exercise Leadership

Designed for those desiring leadership roles in sports and exercise settings: head coaches, athletic directors, NCAA coaching positions, teaching Kinesiology courses at the collegiate level, personal trainers. Students have used this degree in the fields of sports management, sports marketing, academic support for NCAA athletes, running a fitness related business, and leading Boys and Girls Clubs.

Course Overview

The following required courses, successfully completed, lead to a Master's of Education with Sports & Exercise Leadership.

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Courses Required: (Required for all Master of Education Tracks) - 12 hours
EDUC 5302 Educational Psychology and Learning Theory
The field of educational psychology has gained form from a variety of learning and developmental theories. In this course, multiple theories of development, motivation, behavior, and learning will be examined in depth. The question, “how do humans learn?” is at the heart of these theories, and students are invited to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct their personal theories of learning throughout the course. Students will also consider what constitutes learning. A variety of topics including the effectiveness of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators; student engagement; the nature of intelligence and creativity; the relationships between teaching and learning; differences in learning among diverse groups; and issues of testing, assessment, and accountability will be considered. In considering all such topics, a common theme continues to emerge. How do psychological principles illuminate processes of learning and teaching? In this course, we consider how theory, research, and practice inform each other in order to improve the efforts of educators. The activities and assignments for this course will be tailored to fit the program in which the student is enrolled.
EDUC 5331 Education Research
This course will focus on methods used to conduct research in education. Topics covered will include: organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, qualitative research in education, and ethical issues related to educational research. An emphasis is placed on interpreting existing research for application purposes as a classroom teacher.
EDUC 5332 Research Applications in the Classroom
This course will focus on developing a complete research proposal that includes an introduction to the research problem, a comprehensive literature review, and a methodology section. The required proposal will detail a research design utilizing either quantitative or qualitative methods suitable for implementation as a classroom teacher and representing graduate level work. Prerequisite: EDUC 5331
EDUC 5387 School Law
This course is designed to develop and improve the students’ knowledge and understanding of the basic legal parameters that impact organization and control of the Texas and American school systems.
(OR) EDUC 5350 Language Acquisition
This course examines theories of second language acquisition and practical application of theories to second language teaching and learning. Students will be able to recognize the processes through which languages are acquired in both formal and informal contexts. This course will also consist of an interdisciplinary survey of theory and practice, paying close attention to how the application of all aspects of language acquisition relate to institutional learning.
Sports & Exercise Leadership Option - 18 hours
KINE 5301 Current Trends and Issues in Sports and Exercise Settings
This course surveys current trends and issues in various sports and exercise settings. Emphases will be placed upon analyzing modern research and contemporary issues related to the preferred occupations of the students enrolled in the course. Discussing assigned topics, organizing and giving topical presentations, examining principles related to sports and exercise fields, and applying those principles to program planning, administration, and supervision will be emphasized.
KINE 5302 Sports Management and Marketing
This course will offer insight into the role of sports in the marketing world’s ongoing effort to connect with consumers. Students will be introduced to and become familiar with the terms and tools relevant to leadership in the sports industry, including an examination of the difference between the use of sports for marketing and the use of marketing in sports. The course will focus on five basic marketing concepts and their innovative application in the business of sports. In addition, the course will cover basic management techniques for a variety of leadership positions within Kinesiology careers.
KINE 5303 Coaching Behaviors and Sports Preparation
This course examines various aspects of sports preparation and coaching behavior. Emphases will be placed upon analyzing various coaching behaviors and styles, examining and discussing the ideal styles to use in diverse settings, and preparing workouts, practices, and game plans dependent upon those styles. The role of the sports or exercise coach as a leader and role model will also be heavily emphasized. Discussing assigned topics, organizing and giving topical presentations, examining principles related to sports and exercise fields, and applying those principles to program planning will be emphasized.
KINE 5304 Sports and Exercise Psychology
This course provides students with an in-depth view of theoretical and applied aspects of sport and exercise psychology. This course considers the many facets of sport and exercise psychology in review fashion, with special attention given to the use of this information by leaders in sports and exercise settings. The course will also include a focus upon both historical and contemporary developments throughout those applied settings.
KINE 5305 Principles of Advanced Human Performance
This course will explore the principles necessary to design, implement, and administrate a safe and effective strength and conditioning program. The course will address the exercise goals of clients in a variety of settings, including those with goals towards individual sports, team sports, and personal wellness. It is strongly recommended, but not required, that students have at minimum basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology before taking this course.
KINE 5308 Sports and Exercise Leadership
This course examines leadership in a variety of sport and exercise settings. Emphases will be placed upon specific settings based upon those enrolled in the course. Exploring the various factors in applied leadership and the discussion of ethical implications are among the most-important objectives. Discussing assigned topics, organizing and giving topical presentations, examining principles related to sports and exercise fields, and applying those principles to program planning will be emphasized.

* International Students will take EDUC 5350 instead of EDUC 5387

12 Month Master's Degree with Sports and Exercise Leadership Course Schedule

Summer II (June)

Summer III (July)



Summer I (May)

KINE 5301

EDUC 5302

KINE 5302

KINE 5303

KINE 5305

KINE 5308


KINE 5304

EDUC 5331

EDUC 5387


EDUC 5350

EDUC 5332