Freshman Class Council (FCC)


The purpose of Freshman Class Council (FCC) is to bring together Freshmen who are interested in student leadership opportunities at East Texas Baptist University. The goal is to provide Freshmen with an introduction to the workings, structure, and function of the Student Affairs departmental leadership organizations (i.e. Student Foundation and Student Government). Furthermore, FCC shall provide students an opportunity to develop leadership skills through service to the Freshman Class and the ETBU community.  

Executive Council

FCC consists of a President and four team leaders. 

President: Maddie Dawson

Team Leaders: Kellie Cawthon, Kelsey Dagle, Carrie Sparks, and Austin Watts

Standing Teams

FCC is an organization that not only introduces students to what it is like to be a student leader, but it also introduces them to what it's like to be a student at ETBU.  That is why FCC is in the structure of four teams that are all named after ETBU traditions. 

Team Sarge- ETBU does in fact have a live Tiger mascot.  His name is Sarge, and he lives at the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge. 

Team 1912- This team represents the year that ETBU was founded as the College of Marshall and all of the history that has made ETBU the institution that it is today. 

Team 4:16- Connexus is a day in the spring that all of ETBU drops everything and comes together to celebrate ETBU and all of the students, faculty, and staff that have poured into it.  It is a day of ETBU togetherness based of the verse Ephesians 4:16.  "From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work."

Team Lampsato- Lampsato means "let your light shine."  This phrase is used around campus in different ways, but it all comes back to the fact that ETBU is preparing their students to be the light of Christ in a world filled with darkness. 

Learn How to Get Involved!

Student Activities offers a variety of resources that provide opportunities for leadership development and participation in student-initiated events, programs, and organizations. To learn more about how to get involved at ETBU, please call 903-923-2320 or visit our office located on the first floor of the Ornelas Student Center.