Allied Health

Dr. Catherine Cone, Advisor

The purposes of the Allied Health and Preprofessional Health Programs are:

(1) to provide a foundation
in the liberal arts for students who plan careers in the health fields;

(2) to satisfy the entrance requirements for
professional schools, particularly those in Texas;

(3) to satisfy the requirements for graduation at East Texas
Baptist University; and

(4) to fulfill the major requirements of those departments in which the majority of
these preprofessional students major.

The Allied Health program is designed to provide preprofessional education for those persons pursuing a career as a medical technologist requiring a baccalaureate program.

Preprofessional Programs

Preprofessional programs offered at East Texas Baptist University include premedical, predental, prephysical
therapy, prepodiatry, prepharmacy, preoptometry, preoccupational therapy, prephysician assistant,
prerespiratory therapy, preradiological technology, and preveterinary medicine. Other fields such as
medical records and dental hygiene are available upon consultation with the Allied Health Advisor.

Students wishing to enroll in professional schools should obtain requirements for admission from these schools. Since the various professional schools have different requirements for entrance, preprofessional
students should familiarize themselves as soon as possible with the requirements of their chosen school.

Completion of the program at East Texas Baptist University does not guarantee acceptance into the professional sequence.
Premedical and predental students should plan to take the appropriate entrance examinations during the spring semester of the junior year and no later than August prior to their senior year.

Many of the bachelor level degrees will be replaced with master level degrees and thus will require the applicant to have a bachelor's degree in a suitable field before acceptance into the program. All programs
do require eight (8) semester hours of general biology for majors with accompanying laboratory and eight (8) semester hours of general (inorganic) chemistry for majors with accompanying laboratory.

Students desiring to pursue a career in the health professions must adhere to the steps listed below or risk delay in completing the program.

  1. Register for at least these classes in their freshman year:
    Fall - Biology 1403, Chemistry 1301 and 1103, English 1301
    Spring - Biology 1404, Chemistry 1302 and 1104, English 1303, with no more than sixteen (16) semester hours each semester.
  2. Visit with the advisor for Allied Health and Preprofessional Health Programs to obtain current information about the health professions programs in Texas.
  3. Visit the website of the program of choice. The programs with websites are listed below.

Allopathic Medicine

Chiropractic Medicine

Occupational Therapy



Osteopathic Medicine

Physical Therapy


Physician Assistant

Respiratory Care

Veterinary Medicine


BIOL 1403 General Biology I *
CHEM 1301 General Chemistry I **
CHEM 1103 General Chemistry I Laboratory
ENGL 1301 Rhetoric and Composition
LEAD 1111 Learning and Leading
Electives to bring total semester hours to sixteen (16)


BIOL 1404 General Biology II *
CHEM 1302 General Chemistry II
CHEM 1104 General Chemistry II Laboratory
ENGL 1302 Rhetoric and Composition II
Electives to bring total semester hours to sixteen (16)
* Biology 1401 and Biology 1402 will not substitute for these courses.
** Chemistry 1300 will not substitute for this course.

Please contact Dr. Catherine Cone with any questions regarding the health profession field of your choice.

Phone: (903) 923-2247 or