Robert L. Benefield, Professor of Psychology and Criminal Justice

Elijah M. Brown, Assistant Professor of Religion

Joseph D. Brown, Associate Dean, School of Education, and Professor of Kinesiology

Scott Bryant, University Chaplain and Vice-President for Spiritual Development

Stanley Coppinger, Professor of English

George Day, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

William Griffith, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Criminal Justice

Jeph Holloway, Professor of Religion

David S. Hoover, Chairman, Dept of History & Political Science; Assistant Professor of History

Jerry B. Hopkins, Professor of History

Blanca Jenkins, Assistant Professor of Spanish

R. Warren Johnson, Professor of Religion

Israel Nandamudi, Professor of Political Science

Lynn New, Dean of the School of Natural and Social Sciences; Professor of Psychology

Lawrence Ressler, Interim President, ETBU

Emily Prevost, Director of Leadership Development; formerly interim director of the Great Commission Center; sponsor, International Justice Mission

John A. Sargent, Professor of Education and Chair, Department of Teacher Education

Lisa Seeley, Director, Great Commission Center

Jerry L. Summers, Dean of the School of Humanities; Professor of History; LFN campus faculty representative

Jeanna White, Associate Professor of English