B.S. in Political Science - Pre-Law Concentration

Pre-Law Concentration
Eighteen (18) semester hours:
    Foundation Studies:  Six (6) semester hours:
        RLGN 3352 Christian Ethics
        ENGL 3302 Advanced Composition and Rhetoric
    Support Studies:  Twelve (12) semester hours from the following with at least nine (9)
    being advanced:
        HIST 3323 Themes in United States History
        CJUS 1301 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
        CJUS 1306 Courts and Criminal Procedure
        POSC/SPCH 4303 Political Communication
        SPCH 3304 Argumentation and Debate
        ENGL 3303 Modern English Grammar
        ENGL 3305 Critical Theory
        ENGL 3309 Advanced Technical Communication
        RLGN 3355 Christian Faith and Contemporary Bioethics

*See Bachelor of Science:  Political Science for General Education Requirements