The Martian of ETBU

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The 2013-2014 is available for viewing online.

The 2013-2014 Martian yearbook is available for viewing online.

East Texas Baptist University began as the College of Marshall. In 1912, the State of Texas issued the charter to start a two-year college on Van Zandt Hill. First classes did not begin until September 18, 1917.

The first annual or yearbook for the College of Marshall was called The Martian. Even today, ETBU students publish The Martian.  I have had many people ask me, how did the name of The Martian come about?

As I browsed through the 1918 Martian , here is what I discovered.

The graduation class of 1919 elected to issue an annual for the college.

The forward states, “Thru a committee of the Faculty the annual was named THE MARTIAN. The annual was proposed to be in keeping with our present war, refraining from the use of many artistic ‘touches’ so much needed.  As a staff it has been our purpose to please merely, not to turn out a “treatise on literature,” but to present something that will in after years recall to alumnus the scenes of the college life, and renew the year of  ‘17-18. The MARTIAN is yours.

Pax vobiscum!”

With the World War I on their minds the faculty named the college yearbook after Mars, the Roman God of War.

If you would like to view the 1918 Martian you can do so through the online archives of the ETBU Mamye Jarrett Library.  (Click here)  

There are many interesting photos and copy to read about life on the Hilltop back then.  One area in the Martain that I found interesting are the advertisements in the back of the annual.

Here is the copy from one that caught my attention.

Mallard Drug Company

Ginocchio Building

Complete line of anything found in a first class drug store.

Closest drug store to the College of Marshall.

Quick Delivery.

Phone : 85

We appreciate your trade.

 Did you catch the phone number? Today, we have to dial ten numbers to place a call.  That’s progress, right?

The digital version 2013-2014 Martian is available for viewing. Just click here.

The Martian is totally student-produced with assistance from Ryan Perry (ETBU’s graphic designer and photographer) and Dr. Dennis Robertson, yearbook advisor.

Almost all the photos and text were produced by students. This year’s Martian staff consisted of Roe Burns, Payton Beggs, Shelby Peeples, Macy Yglesias, Ashley Ramos, and Alex Ramos.