Local Media Celebrates ETBU’s Community Impact

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It is reasonable to think we are excited about ETBU, about homecoming, about our Centennial Celebration this weekend.

Excited…more like REALLY EXCITED!!!!! And one of those things we are excited about is the impact that we as a University, and member of the Marshall community, and greater East Texas community, make upon this area – even the world.

That’s why when we read that the Marshall News-Messenger says things like, “Had we a bit more talent, perhaps we could adequately express in words the meaning of East Texas Baptist University to Harrison County and the city of Marshall,” we feel honored.

Or when we hear things like this from KLTV.com, “Even today, with students from the world over, ETBU is at heart an East Texas institution,” we feel grateful.

When it comes to accolades like these, we are quick to keep our perspective.  We have had great success as a University, through good times and bad, but we strive always to keep our focus on making an impact in the lives of our students, faculty, staff, and family, being a positive influence on the surrounding community, being a beacon of quality education, and being a light for Jesus Christ in this world, remembering that our boast is in the Lord Jesus. (Ps 34:2)

We are a Tiger Family so proud of what the Lord has done on the Hill, and we are so very thankful for the kind words from these two sources, and for so many who have voiced kind words of congratulation to us! GO BLUE!

You can get the full story from the Marshall News-Messenger here and from KLTV.com here.


ETBU Celebrates 100 Years of Christian Education

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Celebrating 100 years of high-quality, Christian education on the Van Zandt Hill and around the country has been going on all year.  From fine arts events, to regional celebrations, to alumni gatherings, the Tiger Family has been singing the praises of 100 years of ETBU all over.

And today begins a weekend that will take that celebration to a whole new level!

Today, Friday, October 19th launches our Centennial Celebration and Homecoming weekend.  This weekend is jam-packed with events, reunions, meals, open houses, picnics, concerts, a bonfire, a parade, sporting events, a gala – all culminating in a celebration on ETBU’s most important day, October 22, its birthday. 100 years…can you believe it?!?!?

A lot can happen in 100 years.  A lot has happened in 100 years, and I can say this with certainty, that ETBU’s next 100 will be just as great – greater even – than its last.

I’d love to go back in time to that moment in 1912 when a dream became a reality and tell them how we’re doing. Here’s what  I would tell them:

– we are now a University with over 40 undergraduate and graduate degrees
– we have 36 beautiful buildings on campus, with a 37th slated to begin in months
– Marshall Hall stands as proud as ever, its Beacon shining brightly
– we are financially strong, educationally sound, and are still standing firmly in Christ Jesus
– and lastly, thank you, hoping I could put into words the impact this campus has had on thousands upon thousands of people.

It was a good vision, a courageous initiative, and, as 100 years have shown, ETBU was and is, a brilliant success.

What would you tell them? What impact has ETBU made on you? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

Come to the Hill this weekend and experience the Centennial and Homecoming Weekend at ETBU.

We are thankful for this University, grateful for those men and women who had a part in bringing a dream to live, and we are proud, so very proud, to be Tigers.


Find out everything you want to know about the Centennial Celebration at www.etbu.edu/100


ETBU Student Receives Amazing Study Abroad Opportunity

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Shelbi Herndon, a vocal performance major, is having an experience this year she’ll never forget – an experience that began in February of 2012 with an application.

Even though Shelbi was a freshman with hardly any experience, she completed that application, which was for a study abroad program with the University of Miami that would take place from July to August in Salzburg, Austria.  The application, along with a performance CD including 3 art songs and 1 aria, and a whole lot of hope, were packed away in an envelope and sent away to Florida.

A week and a half passed, and, unbelievably, Shelbi received a letter from Miami congratulating her on her acceptance!

Now to pay for it…

$6000, not including airfare is a pretty steep hill to climb, however, she was able to raise the entire amount, which included a $500 scholarship, in ONE WEEK! But that still left airfare. I just checked Kayak.com and that is about a $2000 flight.  So she went to talk to a member of the ETBU Tiger faculty/staff for advice on how to raise the money for airfare.

She went for advice, but left with the money in hand to cover the cost of the flight.

On July 9th, Shelbi flew out to Austria and returned on August 9th.  In one month, she has taken master classes from famous singers, artists, pianists, conductors, and teachers from all over the world. She has seen the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Thomas Hampson, Die Zauberflote, Ariadne auf Naxos, Elina Garanca, and Placido Domingo–just to name a few. She is studying with an amazing voice teacher and has been coached by amazing professors.

Not only has she received instruction from the world’s best, she has seen many majestic, old, beautiful, amazing things while in Austria.

Shelbi had this to say (written days ago from a dorm room in Austria, “I am truly blessed. I have grown as a musician and an artist and a person. I can’t wait to be with my ETBU Fine Arts family again and share what I have learned, put my skills to the test, and just go after the school year! I’m on fire for my major and for life. This study abroad trip has truly changed my life and I’m proud to be a Tiger!”

What a story! We are so proud of Shelbi!  She had many people help her, providing funds and support, but it says a lot that a freshman with little experience was able to land such an amazing opportunity!  We’re so proud!  GO BLUE!


ETBU’s Dr. William Griffith – Turning Sci-Fi to Real Life

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Dr. William Griffith

In the last few years, ETBU has added a wonderful new set of majors surrounding criminal justice, one of those being forensic science.  Thanks to the support of generous donors, the ETBU Forensic Lab was established, and boasts an amazing set of machines, computers, and tools, all of which prepare ETBU students for work fighting crime in the real world.  This forensic study is led by Dr. William Griffith, who recently published an article in the Journal of Applied Physics.

In the article, Dr. Griffith has explains how he has created a technology he calls “3D Tap.”  In his words, “Transmitted electromagnetic waves will respond to electric or magnetic fields. Such fields are typical within most materials and are caused by how the atoms and molecules are structured. Changes within the transmitted electromagnetic spin wave as it moves through the material are recorded and used to identify specific material, chemical, and physical properties – without ever tampering with that initial sample.”

For the person not versed in physics, this new technology is so special because of its ability to analyze a sample immediately and without interfering with it at all.

Imagine going to the hospital for a diagnosis, and rather than having to endure the ordeal of an MRI, the doctor could simply take a device about the size of a smartphone, focus it on the part of your body that seems problematic, and within seconds, know exactly what’s going on.

Technology like this that Dr. Griffith has created has the potential to do just that.

Perhaps Dr. McCoy’s tricorder isn’t so far-fetched after all…

We’re very proud of the work Dr. Griffith is doing!  Way to go!  GO BLUE!

You can read the August 18, 2011 press release here and the official ETBU press release here.


You Have a Voice!

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We’re making a ton of improvements around campus, so we wanted to share one improvement we’re making to Tiger Pride!

A new feature to Tiger Pride is the ability to comment on each post!  To comment, go to the individual story by clicking on it’s title, then just type your comments in the form beneath the story and we’ll get an email informing us of your comment.  Once we approve it, its live!

Great things are happening at ETBU and it is a great time to be on the Hill!

The Bennett Student Commons is near completion, our Ornelas Student Center is entering it’s 2nd year of service to the campus, and there have been a ton of improvements, from new labs to remodeled rooms, new training facilities – we’ve even buried some power lines to help beautify our campus.

If you haven’t been around in a while, take a trip to Marshall and ETBU!

We are so proud of what’s been going on and we’re sure you will be too!




Do You Have Tiger Pride?

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Do you know a Tiger who has landed a great job lately? Perhaps you know a person who has done well in their career or made a contribution to their field?

Do you know a Tiger who has gone out of their way to help another? Go on mission? Do something great at their local church?

Has a Tiger been elected to office or honored with an award?

Maybe you just want to tell how awesome a Tiger you know truly is.

All of these are EXCELLENT stories that we want to hear about!  Simply click the Post-It note at the top of the page and submit a Tale of Tiger Pride. If you have a photo, send it along too!  Maybe a video?  You can place the link in the comment box or email it to tigerpride@etbu.edu.

So COME ON! Let’s hear those stories that make our hearts swell with Tiger Pride!

As always, thanks for reading, and GO BLUE!


ETBU’s Dr. Sherilyn Emberton and “Defining a Baptist University”

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Dr. Sherilyn Emberton, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

ETBU’s Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs was recently quoted in the Baptist Standard’s article, “Panel Finds Defining ‘Baptist University’ No Simple Task.”

During the annual meeting of the Baptist and Heritage Society at Dallas Baptist University, a panel of educators form universities and colleges including Baylor University, Arkansas Baptist College, ETBU, Samford University, Mercer University, Howard Payne University,  and Georgetown College, discussed the definition.

Four key factors define a Baptist university, said Dr. Sherilyn Emberton. “We hope to continue to be the torchbearers, not being afraid to say, ‘Jesus saves,’” she reported. “Scholarship and academic excellence endeavors must be placed on a seamless integration of faith and learning.

“A Baptist university must serve as a beacon … for training the next generation of leaders and workers. And a contemporary Baptist university must celebrate missional experience—service learning and missions involvement.”

While the panel found the answer to be quite “complex and nuanced,” at ETBU we realize the importance of integrating faith and learning and to providing A World of Opportunity in a Community of Faith.

We’re very proud to have Dr. Emberton represent ETBU and its mission so well.  Way to go!  GO BLUE!

Read remarks from other panel members as well here on the Baptist Standard site.


ETBU Debate Team – At It Again at Nationals

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ETBU Debate Team stops for a shot after the 2011 IPDA National Championship Tournament.

Quality education. Softball. Debate.  Some of the things ETBU is known for.

The ETBU Debate team is keeping the tradition!  Recently, the debate team competed at the 2011 International Public Debate National Championship Tournament in Nacogdoches, Texas.  Of a total 176 competitors from 23 different programs, ETBu took the 5th Place Sweepstakes award!

Not only did ETBu do great as a team, individuals such as Jeff Essary, whom, after a 5-3 prelim, marched into the semifinals before being eliminated.  Heather Matthews, competing in the novice division also compiled a 5-3 record and finished in the top 16.  Pancho Abad took 4th place out of 63 competitors.  Cayden McDonald compiled a 4-4 record and advanced to the Sweet 16 round before being eliminated.

Overall, a great tourney!  Way to go Debate team and GO BLUE!

CLick here to see the full story on the ETBU Website.


ETBU Grad Welcomed as TBU Scholar

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Jessi Hampton & Dr. Sherilyn Emberton

A 2008 graduate of East Texas Baptist University, Jessi Hampton, has been chosen to participate in the Texas Baptist Universities (TBU) Scholars program. The Baylor University Graduate School, in cooperation with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT), has launched a program designed to recruit top graduate student applicants from the state’s Baptist universities for Baylor’s Ph.D. programs.

Hampton traveled recently to Dallas Baptist University to meet the Chief Academic Officers of the BGCT affiliated schools. Hampton, along with graduate students from Hardin-Simmons University and Mary Hardin-Baylor University, gathered to talk about each ones plan to integrate faith and learning while participating in the scholars program. The scholars were selected based on expressed interest to pursue a career teaching in a Baptist University.

The former middle school theatre arts teacher in the Cleburne Independent School District has moved to Waco to become a full-time graduate student. “The Masters in Theatre program is exceptionally rigorous and makes it difficult to hold an outside job,” said Hampton. She is working part-time as a research and teaching assistant in the Baylor Theatre Department.

Dr. Sherilyn Emberton, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at ETBU was in attendance and introduced Hampton at the event held on the DBU campus. “What an honor to have an ETBU graduate selected to participate in the Texas Baptist Universities (TBU) Scholars program,” said Dr. Emberton.

“Ms. Hampton represents the type of graduate that has chosen to continue the integration of her faith in learning as she prepares to complete graduate study in theatre. This program will allow her to complete the terminal degree in her field and hopefully promote a desire to continue in Christian higher education as a future faculty member,” added Dr. Emberton.

The TBU program was brought to Hampton’s attention ETBU’s Dean of the School of the Fine Arts Dr. Tom Webster. “I received a phone call in which Dr. Webster explained the program through Baylor and asked if I would be interested in submitting my name for review for candidacy,” said Hampton. “I loved my time at ETBU and thoroughly enjoyed that my professors were able to integrate faith and education.”

“There are many conflicts between the arts and religion. ETBU pushed me to understand my craft and also my position as a Christian within that craft,” said Hampton. “The Texas Baptist Scholar program is very appealing because I am continuing to learn more about the integration of faith and education.”

Way to Go Jessi!  GO BLUE!!

Story: Mike Midkiff


ETBU and the ACS

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The East Texas Baptist University department of Chemistry is very involved in the East Texas Section of the American Chemical Society (ASC). ETBU Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Justin Briggle is serving as the chair of the East Texas Section of the ACS for the year 2010.
The ETBU student chapter of the ASC was formed during the 2006-2007 academic year. The local chapter is comprised of students who are either chemistry majors or minors.
“The student chapter has been involved in the community by helping to judge local science fairs,” said Dr. Briggle. “The students have given many chemical demonstrations to local school children as a means of exposing younger children to the excitement and possibility of chemistry.”
ETBU students who also seek membership in the East Texas Section of the ACS are typically pursing a field related to chemistry, chemistry professionals, and/or chemical educators. “The local section promotes chemistry by hosting six technical talks per year at various chemical industry companies, local universities, colleges and community colleges,” explained Dr. Briggle.
The local meetings provide opportunities in which attendees get a glimpse into the many aspects a career in chemistry can offer. “The past topics that have been presented are ethics in science, verification of works of art through chemistry, chemistry of food and beverage, chemistry of astronomy, and chemical demonstrations,” said Dr. Briggle. “These talks are well attended by students and faculty of local universities, colleges, and community colleges as well as professional chemists in the area.”

Way to go Dr. Briggle and Go Blue!

For information about the next meeting of the East Texas Section of the American Chemical Society contact Dr. Briggle at jbriggle@etbu.edu.

Story:  Mike Midkiff