Quads on the Hill

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The Kent Girls. Older sister, Kallie, is in the center. The Quads (from left to right) Kinsey, Klaire, Kaitlyn, and Karson Kent.

On February 4, 1993, life at the Kent house changed forever.

That’s the day that Kevin and Jill Kent added quadruplets to their family of three.  What once was Kevin, Jill, and their daughter Kallie, became Kevin, Jill, Kallie, Kinsey, Kaitlyn, Klaire, and Karson.  And after years of sharing a big bedroom and wearing matching outfits, the Kent Quads – and the Kent Family – recently had another big day:

Move-In Day at ETBU.

“Our older sister came here and she fell in love with it (ETBU),” Kinsey said.  The quads came to stay with their older sister and found how welcoming people were at the university.  “We fell in love with campus, too,” Klaire said. “It’s a really great place to learn and to grow.”  “And we all four felt God wanted us to be here,” Kinsey said.

The story, originally by the Longview News-Journal, was picked up by the Associated Press and found its way into papers and news feeds all over the US and world.

We’re proud of these girls – all five (Kallie, and the Quads – Kinsey, Kaitlyn, Klaire, and Karson) – in that, though the attention of the world is on them because of the uniqueness of their family, what the world will really see is a family who loves God, is pursuing an education, and that the girls chose to pursue that education at a place that means the world to us, ETBU!


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