Learning to Hit the Curve

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Blayne Knox – Parents Kenny and Skye Knox of Marshall

Current ETBU student, Skye Knox, made a decision at thirty to go back to school and finish her education. But as we all know, sometimes life throws a curveball.  That curve came in the form of the surprise that Skye and her husband, Kenneth, a 2001 ETBU grad, were expecting.

That’s a pretty good curve.

In baseball they teach you how to hit the curve.  Tuck that shoulder in and drive the ball to right field for a base hit.I was always a pull hitter, so waiting on the curve to get deep in the strike zone so that I could hit it was tough.  It took patience, determination, concentration, and it took my being willing to take a swing.

That works in life too. Skye can tell you that. Some people may have just dropped the bat never to take that swing, but not Skye .  It has been tough at times and has taken a lot of hard work and perseverance, but Skye will graduate in 2013 with a BA in Accounting.

That sounds like a hard line drive base hit to right field if you ask me.

“It has been a challenge but with God as my strength and my family supporting me, I have persevered through the past year. God has blessed me with the opportunity to further my education and to him I owe all the glory,” said Skye about her experiences.

As a little icing on the cake, her adorable daughter, Blayne, was in the Centennial Homecoming Parade!

Kenneth Knox owns Knox Financial Advising, Inc. in Marshall and has been in business for over 12 years. He may be getting a new employee in the next few years as Skye’s plans are to pursuing her masters in accounting, as well as earning a CPA license.

We know college is hard, even more so with a little one at home! But we are so proud of Skye and her family for working hard to reach her goal. That curve may be hard to hit, but with God by your side, and with a great family to support you, you can knock it out of the park!