ETBU Team Wins City League Championship

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The Ballhawgs - City League Champs - Sponsored by ETBU

This summer, ETBU sponsored a city league softball team in Marshall.  The team, called the Ballhawgs, placed second going into the championship series, but walked away with the trophy!

Among the team members were ETBU Director of Admissions, Jason Soles, Admissions Counslors Drew Barkley and Cody Finch, Asst. Softball Coach Guy Shirley, and Graphic Designer Jason John Cowart.  ETBU student Nathan Hicks was also on the team.  Other starters on the team were team coach Donny Seals, who is the Chair of History and Government at Kilgore College, Shawn, Brandon Jones, Phillip Johnson, Chuck Shirley, brother of Coach Guy Shirley, and Justin Booth.

The ETBU sponsored team beat the Colt 45’s, a team that had won the city league championship six consecutive seasons.

Way to go Ballhawgs!  GO BLUE!!


You Have a Voice!

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We’re making a ton of improvements around campus, so we wanted to share one improvement we’re making to Tiger Pride!

A new feature to Tiger Pride is the ability to comment on each post!  To comment, go to the individual story by clicking on it’s title, then just type your comments in the form beneath the story and we’ll get an email informing us of your comment.  Once we approve it, its live!

Great things are happening at ETBU and it is a great time to be on the Hill!

The Bennett Student Commons is near completion, our Ornelas Student Center is entering it’s 2nd year of service to the campus, and there have been a ton of improvements, from new labs to remodeled rooms, new training facilities – we’ve even buried some power lines to help beautify our campus.

If you haven’t been around in a while, take a trip to Marshall and ETBU!

We are so proud of what’s been going on and we’re sure you will be too!



The BSC is Already Making Headlines

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Our students, alumni, faculty, and staff aren’t the only ones taking notice of the changes on the ETBU campus.

It seems everyone is.

Recently, ETBU’s Bennett Student Commons (BSC) was featured on KTBS in Shreveport. Reporter Carolyn Cerda and a camera crew were on campus to highlight one of the three projects that have been completed, or are still under construction – those three being the Ornelas Student Center, The BSC, and a brand new facility to be used by football that includes a weight room, study area, and visitors locker room.  All of these projects have been funded by the generous, and appreciated gifts from donors.

The BSC renovations have nearly doubled its capacity, with it’s cafeteria now holding 500 people and is a great reflection of the growth in student population.

We are very excited about the renovations and new construction on campus!.  The BSC is going to be a phenomenal facility, and in the words of Public Relations Director, Mike Midkiff, “It will not look like any way, form or fashion what they (students) saw when they left here in the spring.”

Proof positive that it is a great time to be at East Texas Baptist University.

So a massive THANK YOU! to the donors who have funded these projects!  Way to go!  GO BLUE!!

Watch and read the full story on the KTBS site here.


Do You Have Tiger Pride?

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Do you know a Tiger who has landed a great job lately? Perhaps you know a person who has done well in their career or made a contribution to their field?

Do you know a Tiger who has gone out of their way to help another? Go on mission? Do something great at their local church?

Has a Tiger been elected to office or honored with an award?

Maybe you just want to tell how awesome a Tiger you know truly is.

All of these are EXCELLENT stories that we want to hear about!  Simply click the Post-It note at the top of the page and submit a Tale of Tiger Pride. If you have a photo, send it along too!  Maybe a video?  You can place the link in the comment box or email it to

So COME ON! Let’s hear those stories that make our hearts swell with Tiger Pride!

As always, thanks for reading, and GO BLUE!


4 K’s + 1 K = AWESOME!

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The Kent Quads: (top middle) Kinsey, (top roght) Karson, (right) Kaitlyn, and (bottom middle) Klaire pause for a shot during the ETBU Admissions game night with ETBU Copy Center Coordinator Kenny Elliot at the Ballpark in Arlington. The Quads older sister, Kallie, works with Kenny in Campus Services.

On June 21, 2011 in 6 2/3 innings, Ranger pitcher C.J. Wilson got 4 K’s versus the Astros at the Ballpark in Arlington.

Well, Wilson and ETBU have something in common. ETBU got 4 K’s too.

We’re not talking about strikeouts though – we’re talking about Kents!

This Fall, ETBU is proud to have a fantastic group of young women join our Tiger Family.  The Kent Quads: Kaitlyn, Kinsey, Klaire, and Karson, (in order of birth) have enrolled for the Fall 2011 semester and will join their sister, Kallie, who is currently a sophomore at ETBU.

Of course the Kent Ladies are excited about this new step in their lives and Kevin and Jill Kent, their parents, are just as excited.  “We are thrilled,” said Jill, “Kallie could not be happier.” Kevin added, “They are going to get the opportunity for a wonderful education at a fine Christian school.”

As they join their older sister Kallie at ETBU, they all have chosen different majors with one undecided. Katilyn plans to major in Accounting, Political Science for Kinsey, Klaire is undecided and Karson has chosen Business.

We are so very proud to have all 5 Kents at ETBU as a part of our Tiger Family!  GO BLUE!

Read the full story here from Director of Public Relations Mike Midkiff.


Two ETBU Grads, Luke 10, and a Van = VanGo

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Once, a lawyer stood up and asked Jesus about how to inherit eternal life. Jesus replied, “What does the Law tell you?”

The man replied, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Jesus replied, “Right! Do this and you will live.” Wanting to justify himself, the lawyer replied, “Then who is my neighbor?”

Jesus then tells the man of the parable of the Good Samaritan and ends the parable with a question: “Which of the men in the story was a neighbor to the injured traveler?”

Simple, the Samaritan who helped the man.

Jesus answered, “Yes. Now go and do likewise.”

“Go and do likewise” is a statement two ETBU grads, Jenna Jones (10) and Stacie Hooks(09) take very seriously.

Leading up to September of 2010, Jenna and Stacie either sold or traded their personal vehicles to get a van and in September, the went, doing what Stacie describes as “two girls, Jenna and I, living in a van, traveling around the nation, city to city, trying to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in whatever way it needs to be done.”

What does that mean exactly? They enter a city, and, if they have a contact, meet with the church, group, or individual to learn just what needs are present in the area.  They pray.  They seek God’s will. And then they go and do. Playing games with kids who are overlooked by their families. Sitting on park benches talking to the homeless. Feeding the hungry. Giving a hug to someone who has no one. Holding the hands of broken people. Praying for everyone. Showing people the hope that is found in Christ Jesus.

Living out this Luke 10 passage has been life changing for them.  They have had amazing opportunity to meet people, show them love, reach out, pray, share Christ, and a host of other wonderful things that changes people’s lives.  But it has made a massive impact on them as well – even deepening their understanding of what they themselves are doing as missionaries to America.

After visiting one of their first cities, Baton Rouge, they had this to say: “We walked under the overpass and chilled there for a little while.  At the time there were no homeless people hanging out there.  Just us.  We sat for a while and watched and listened.  It was one of the most depressing sounds in the world. The sound of busyness.  People were rushing on the highway above us and the highways around us.  The sound of honking and engines filled our hearts with a sound of pointlessness.  God wants to speak to us in a whisper and the people in Baton Rouge…and all around America…are too busy to listen.

God has been doing great things through the VanGo ministry.  Recently, Jenna and Stacie were featured in The Baptist Standard. One of the unique features of VanGo highlighted in the Standard’s article was the idea of the “tentative schedule.”  “Our routes are tentative for a reason,” Jenna said. “The Lord is the one who guides us, sets up divine appointments and carries us through this journey. We have offered him a willing spirit and are just trying to be obedient to whatever he sets before us. … One thing that we have loved watching throughout all the cities is the way in which the body of Christ truly works together.”

We can’t even begin to describe how proud we are of VanGo and Jenna and Stacie. Join the ETBU Family in praying these two make an even greater impact for the Kingdom of God around the United States.

Way to go Jenna and Stacie!  GO BLUE!

Read the article from the Baptist Standard here.

Visit the VanGo blog here or at


ETBU’s New Athletic Logo

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The Official ETBU Athletics Logo

You read correctly!

ETBU unveiled the new athletics logo this week complete with official athletic lettering and an official tiger that utilizes a shield-type design.

The new logo includes the ETBU colors of navy, gold, and white, and, effective immediately, will serve as the face of the ETBU Athletic department, including Baseball, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, Football, Cheerleading, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Softball, Men’s and Women’s Tennis, and Volleyball.

The new logo comes after months of collaboration with the President’s Office and the Marketing, Public Relations, and Athletics departments and an independent designer. The logo can be used in several different pre-determined arrangements and in a variety of color arrangements within the official ETBU colors of Blue PMS 289, Gold PMS 124C, and white.

We are really excited about the new look! Tell us what you think!  You can leave comments at the official Tiger Athletics Facebook page here.


Read the full story from SID David Weaver here.


ETBU Hosts Bike Out Hunger

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Bike Out Hunger participants race off from Fry Hall on the campus of ETBU towards the last leg of their ride from Beaumont, Texas to Texarkana, Texas.

From Thursday afternoon until around 7:30 Friday morning, ETBU’s Fry Hall was filled with 30+ bikers.

Before you think about Harley Davidsons and loud pipes, you should know these bikers arrived on slim, sleek bicycles designed for long distance.

Over 30 men and women are participating in the Bike Out Hunger event, a ride that increases awareness and raises money to fight hunger in Texas and beyond. The 2011 ride route is from Beaumont to Texarkana during May 9-14 with various stops along the way for educating the church or community about addressing the hunger needs around them. All the money raised through Bike Out Hunger supports feeding and empowering efforts that end the cycle of poverty and hunger.

On Thursday night, Central Baptist Church provided a fajita dinner, and on Friday morning, the ETBU Public Relations Office offered a breakfast meal.

Not only are we proud of these men and women for their sacrifice to ride raising money and awareness, we are proud of Texas Baptists, Central Baptist Church Marshall and our ETBU family for supporting such a great cause.

Way to Go and GO BLUE!!

Read more about Texas Baptist Bike Out Hunger here.


Tigers with a Mission

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During chapel, East Texas Baptist University prayed for the students, faculty and staff, who went on mission trips during spring break.

Marshall.  Carthage.  Padre.  Laredo.  Chicago.  Ethiopia.

Seems like these places barely have anything, if anything in common.

But in reality, they do.  They are full of people who need Christ, and full of opportunity to serve.

And one more thing:  Tigers.

This spring break, a large group of students, faculty, and staff from various departments and organizations at ETBU went to various places across the globe to serve.  In some aspects it was teaching, in others construction, still others serving the needy.  The group that went to Padre even helped people in the wee hours of the morning get home safely after long hours of Spring Breaking.  The beauty of it all was that students were willing to serve others and share the love of Jesus Christ.

The BSM led by Mark Yates took a group to Padre for Beach Week which is a BGCT-sponsored ministry.  Also, a group from the BSM led by BSM Intern and ETBU Grad Tyler Moore headed south to Laredo to help construct housing for needy families.  While in Laredo, they teamed up with 3 groups: one from Illinois, one from Maine, and another from FBC, Athens.  The group from FBC was operating a medical clinic out of a Catholic church.  The group from ETBU provided childcare for the patients while they were treated.

Allan Thompson took a group of 10 from the Great Commission Center to Chicago and worked with inner city mission organizations.

One of our sororities, Delta Pi Theta, led by Karyn Solly, went to Carthage to work with Mission Carthage, which is an organization that serves Panola, Rusk, Shelby, and Harrison counties.

ETBU President Dr. Dub Oliver and his wife Susie, religion professor Dr. Elijah Brown, and Crossroads Baptist Church’s Pastor David Rice went to Ethiopia to teach a verse-by-verse study over the book of Ephesians at an Ethiopian Bible college and had the opportunity to serve in a local orphanage.

We are thankful for each of these who sacrificed time and money to be about the business of the Kingdom.  We can say for certain that lives were changed and seeds were planted from Carthage to Ethiopia, and that we are very proud of our Tiger Family!

Way to go Tigers! GO BLUE!


What Makes Summer Super at ETBU?

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If you have been around the ETBU campus for any amount of time over the last two weeks, you will have seen kids dressed in red, blue, orange, yellow, green, khaki, and purple.  Lots of kids.  “More than 500 students and 200 adult leaders are currently on campus taking part in the annual occasion,” said Leighton Flowers, Super Summer Camp Director.

Super Summer is a summer youth camp that is designed for leadership students who are strong believers and who want to grow their relationship with Christ as well at their leadership abilities.  Super Summer has been held for 36 years, and has been a summer event at ETBU since 1991.

In order to be a part, “They have to be endorsed by their local church, they have to be leaders, profess their faith in Jesus Christ, be baptized and have leadership qualities or potential to become leaders in their youth groups,” said Flowers, who’s served as the Super Sumer Camp director for the past seven years. His father served for 15. “Not all students would be real happy in an environment where you have to spend so much time in training,” he added. But, “for students who really want to grow deeper, it’s one of those things that they finally get to sink their teeth in.”

ETBU will host 2 Super Summer weeks this year.  We are so proud to be a part of such a wonderful ministry to students from around the country and look forward to many more years ahead!

Go Blue!!

Learn more about Super Summer at their website here or at the BGCT site here.