ETBU’s Dr. William Griffith – Turning Sci-Fi to Real Life

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Dr. William Griffith

In the last few years, ETBU has added a wonderful new set of majors surrounding criminal justice, one of those being forensic science.  Thanks to the support of generous donors, the ETBU Forensic Lab was established, and boasts an amazing set of machines, computers, and tools, all of which prepare ETBU students for work fighting crime in the real world.  This forensic study is led by Dr. William Griffith, who recently published an article in the Journal of Applied Physics.

In the article, Dr. Griffith has explains how he has created a technology he calls “3D Tap.”  In his words, “Transmitted electromagnetic waves will respond to electric or magnetic fields. Such fields are typical within most materials and are caused by how the atoms and molecules are structured. Changes within the transmitted electromagnetic spin wave as it moves through the material are recorded and used to identify specific material, chemical, and physical properties – without ever tampering with that initial sample.”

For the person not versed in physics, this new technology is so special because of its ability to analyze a sample immediately and without interfering with it at all.

Imagine going to the hospital for a diagnosis, and rather than having to endure the ordeal of an MRI, the doctor could simply take a device about the size of a smartphone, focus it on the part of your body that seems problematic, and within seconds, know exactly what’s going on.

Technology like this that Dr. Griffith has created has the potential to do just that.

Perhaps Dr. McCoy’s tricorder isn’t so far-fetched after all…

We’re very proud of the work Dr. Griffith is doing!  Way to go!  GO BLUE!

You can read the August 18, 2011 press release here and the official ETBU press release here.