ETBU Junior Will Hill Headed to Nationals

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He dropped the ball in the kitchen, and with a little draw and left, began the break and run that allowed him to run the table.  He followed that up by throwing me a four pack in a race to six, and put the match all but out of reach.

Most people wouldn’t have a clue what any of that means, but you can guarantee Will Hill, a 29-year-old junior at ETBU, does. Recently, he qualified to play in a national 9 Ball Billiards Tournament by winning the 2012 Association of College Unions International 9 Ball Region 12 Billiards Tournament played March 9-10.

During that match, he shot his way through the loser’s bracket of the double elimination regional tournament to win it all, beating winner’s bracket winner Jerry Yang of the University of Texas-Dallas twice to win the championship. “I won the championship by winning two straight over Jerry Yang, 5-1 and 5-2. He is a good player and had only lost two games in the whole tournament before he played me.”

With the winner of a match determined by the first player to win five games, he was down in one match 4-1. “I was down and came back to win 5-4. I had to get my game on in order to win that one.”

“I won the regional tournament last year as when I was a student at another university, but was not able to play in the national tournament because I ruptured my Achilles,” said Hill, who was taught the game by his father.

Hill is now looking forward to July when he will compete in the national tournament to be played at Indiana University-Bloomington. “Every region has five or six players they bring to the national tournament,” said Will. “The players I will be competing against are really good.”

It sounds like Will is pretty good, himself.

We are so proud of Will and wish him the best in July!

Way to go Will!  GO BLUE!

If you want a translation of the first paragraph, it simply means that the player placed the ball on the table after his opponent scratched, and with bottom left English, which spins the ball to the right, he made his shot. Then, he began to make each ball one after the other, not even giving his opponent a chance to shoot, knocking in each ball in order. He ended up taking the match after he won four out of six games in a row.
Information taken from a press release by ETBU PR Director Mike Midkiff.