What Makes Summer Super at ETBU?

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If you have been around the ETBU campus for any amount of time over the last two weeks, you will have seen kids dressed in red, blue, orange, yellow, green, khaki, and purple.  Lots of kids.  “More than 500 students and 200 adult leaders are currently on campus taking part in the annual occasion,” said Leighton Flowers, Super Summer Camp Director.

Super Summer is a summer youth camp that is designed for leadership students who are strong believers and who want to grow their relationship with Christ as well at their leadership abilities.  Super Summer has been held for 36 years, and has been a summer event at ETBU since 1991.

In order to be a part, “They have to be endorsed by their local church, they have to be leaders, profess their faith in Jesus Christ, be baptized and have leadership qualities or potential to become leaders in their youth groups,” said Flowers, who’s served as the Super Sumer Camp director for the past seven years. His father served for 15. “Not all students would be real happy in an environment where you have to spend so much time in training,” he added. But, “for students who really want to grow deeper, it’s one of those things that they finally get to sink their teeth in.”

ETBU will host 2 Super Summer weeks this year.  We are so proud to be a part of such a wonderful ministry to students from around the country and look forward to many more years ahead!

Go Blue!!

Learn more about Super Summer at their website here or at the BGCT site here.