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They say New York, NY is a city so nice they named it twice, yet in the bustling blocks known as Times Square, where literally millions of people pass every week, something nicer than the sights and sounds of the Big Apple could be experienced.  ETBU Grad, Laura Baskin (10) recently in NY with the Southwestern Seminary’s Master Chorale,  experienced that something nicer,  more valuable than a landmark  or song: she experienced the greatest thing ever – a salvation.

“God laid it on my heart this last semester to evangelize,” Baskin says. “Back in February when we had our concert with Steve Green, the Lord laid it on my heart to pray for the New York trip, and so I have been praying for it for months, just that He would open up opportunities.”
Her prayers were answered in the form of a young man named Zach.
It is funny how busy New York is – that everyone seems to be rushing to the next appointment, to the next event, to work, school, home anywhere.  Yet while Laura and her fellow Chorale  mates, Hilary Hogan and Kennedy Matthias, passed out flyers, being largely ignored by the masses, Zach stopped and gave the girls the opportunity to tell him about Jesus.


“He stopped short once and said, ‘Wow. This is so weird.’ I said ‘Well, you’re already talking about Jesus in the middle of Times Square, so how much weirder can this get?’ It was really funny,” Baskin says.His genuine response left an impression on Baskin.
“It was the most beautiful prayer ever. He said, ‘Hey God, I’m Zach. I want to make you the Lord of my life. I want you to guide me. Thank you for your death, thank you for your resurrection.’ It was everything we had told him about Jesus; he said in his prayer that he was thankful for and that he wanted it all to happen to him.” They introduced Zach to a local believer to get him connected with a church in New York.
Laura asked God to let this trip be about more than music, but about sharing His love and message.  Boy, did he answer!
We are so proud of Laura and her friends for being available for God to use them to intervene in the life of this young man.  As a result, right now somewhere in New York, a young man has a new beginning, thanks to a prayer that simply said “open up opportunities, and I’ll speak.”
Way to go Laura! GO BLUE!! 

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