Debate on Evolution vs. Creationism

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From www.kltv.com

From www.kltv.com

From time to time, professors at East Texas Baptist University are invited to speak at other university campuses. Recently, ETBU Professor of Religion Dr. Warren Johnson was invited to be part of a panel at LeTourneau University in Longview. He was joined by two other professors from LETU, Wilson Cunha from the theology department and Karen Rispin from the biology department.

The panel discussion held for LETU students and the community was in response to a debate on evolution vs. creationism between Bill Nye, “the Science Guy,” and Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis. The debate was held on Feb. 4th at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY.   The Nye-Ham debate was estimated to have been viewed by millions via a live internet video stream.

At the panel discussion at LETU, each panelist prepared a 5-minute response to the Nye-Ham debate, followed by 10 minutes in which the panelists discussed responses before taking questions from the audience.

KLTV Channel 7 in Tyler did a story on the panel discussion.  To view the story, click here.

Dr. Johnson, who has spoken at LETU before, believes he was chosen from the ETBU faculty because “I have a science undergraduate degree and theology graduate degrees.”

ETBU has many faculty and staff members who are willing to speak on subjects that they have expertise in.