Confidence in reason

Confidence in reason

So, this past Friday I told my freshman biology students (both sections) that I would give them an oral quiz over mitosis on Monday morning.  I pointed out the figures in the text they would need and sent them on their way.  This morning the first section (0800) acted as they hadn’t heard of mitosis ever before in their WHOLE lives.  During their chemistry class at 9:00 they complained among themselves about the mean Dr. Cone and how unfair it was to expect anyone to study during the weekend.  The 1100 section was ready to answer my questions because they had been forewarned by the students in the 0800 section.  The later section did a bit better but not much.  You’d think by now these kids would get the fact that if I say I’m going to do something then I will do it.  Silly me, I have confidence in reason.  I have confidence in my students to think rationally, coherently and logically.  From previous experience with me the students should know by now that I try my best to do what I say I will do.  Either these students distrust the evidence of the past eight weeks of interactions with me or they completely lack critical reasoning skills.  Many Christians are like my students in that they distrust logic, reason, and evidence.  Why have we Christians become a stupid people? 

Jesus wasn’t stupid.

Jesus was a top-notch problem solver.  He stated whatever problem was at hand very clearly for his audience.  He discussed what kind of problem was at hand and concentrated His efforts on the problems He could solve at that time.  He actively sought information, carefully analyzed the facts and interpreted the information coming to reasonable, logical conclusions.  He then decided the best course of action given the limitations of the circumstance.  He made a plan and followed through on that plan.  Sometimes His plan was a wait-and-see and sometimes it was an outburst of pure righteous indignation.  Read Jesus’ teachings and actively look for His problem solving skills.

Jesus had confidence in reason.  Do you?