Missed Again

Once again there was TOO much to do on my Monday list: lecture, lab, chapel, appointments, getting the stitches removed and going to the bathroom.  Simply too much on my plate.   I have to schedule my bathroom breaks.  Too, too busy we are!  If all I had to do was take care of myself then I wouldn’t be so busy.  I am responsible for teaching a Sunday school class. There are committee meetings to attend.  I went to the Mission Marshall missions fair to look for opportunities for my students to volunteer.  I already volunteer.  Grocery store, Lowe’s, laundry, wash dishes, mop the floor, sweep the porch, plant flowers, dig up weeds, fold laundry, grade papers, grade papers, prep lectures, prep labs, gas the truck, check the air in the tires, visit with whom ever, play fetch with Brinkley, rub puppy tummy, rub kitty tummy, feed every one, water for everyone,


Do you ever feel that way? OVERWHELMED?

We are such a busy, busy people.  We have forgotten how to rest, be still, and enjoy the peace and quiet of God’s creation.  We have forgotten the Sabbath.  Sunday is not the original Sabbath, Saturday is.  Sunday is the first day of the week.  Sunday is the day the early Christians chose to be their day of worship.  PEOPLE!  Even GOD needed to rest which is why He set aside the 7th day for rest.  So, why do we, as Christians, believe that we don’t need to rest?  My friend says he will rest when “he dies.”   He will also miss many of God’s blessings by not being still.

One of my favorite things to do on any morning but especially Saturday morning is to sit out on my back patio with a cup of coffee and listen.  The wind through the pines is a favorite sound.  The birds chittering and singing is relaxing to me.  The horses nicker.  A hawk calls out while it soars.  I enjoy the light patter of rain on the patio roof.  At night the frogs, toads, and crickets songs help me to shudder off my tensions and worries.  I am content to read while a gentle breeze cools me.  If I had a hammock, I would take a nap.  A previous dog chewed the hammock to bits.  Maybe I’ll buy another one next spring.

Every evening I should take an hour or so and be still.  The world of responsibilities pulls at me.  Brinkley wants to play fetch; Sam is always on the wrong side of a door.  The phone rings.  There are dirty dishes and dirty clothes.  Brinkley is a very, very messy puppy and the floors are a mess.

I need help, Lord, to get my priorities straight and be still.

Did I mention there are papers to grade?