Meet the Authors

Fall 2015

Dr. Warren Johnson, Professor of Religion
Dr. Zachary Beck, Assistant Professor of English and Director of the University Honors Program

Spring 2015

Traci Ledford, Department Chair & Associate Professor of Theatre Arts

Dr. David Splawn, Assistant Professor of English

Elizabeth Ponder, Librarian & Manager of Instruction and Information Services

Fall 2014

Dr. Elijah Brown, Associate Professor of Religion

Dr. Allyn Lueders, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Dr. Will Walker, Associate Professor of Kinesiology

Spring 2014

Dr. David Brooks, Associate Professor of Biology & Nursing

Dr. Emily Row Prevost, Director of Leadership Development

Dr. Darrell Roe, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Fall 2013

Dr. Catherine Cone, Professor of Biology

Dr. Laci McRee, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Dr. Stan Coppinger, Professor of English

Dr. Jennifer Bashaw, Assistant Professor of Religion

Dr. Mark Miller, Associate Professor of Sociology

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