Faith & Reflection Project

In February 2013 the CECS put forth a grant opportunity for the faculty of ETBU titled The Intersection of Faith & Reflection. The focus of the grant was to have recipients practice reflection as a means to explore the concepts of faith and scholarship. These reflections will be chronicled here on The Intersection during the Fall 2013 semester with the hopes of establishing a framework for the future of this online community.

To learn more about the grant, go to The Intersection of Faith and Reflection on the CECS webpage.

Meet Our Writers

The Intersection is pleased to present our contributers for the Fall 2013 semester sponsored by the 2013 IFR Grant made available through the CECS. In the coming weeks we will have more to share about these writers – check back soon!

Dr. Mark Miller, Dr. Catherine Cone, Dr. Jennifer Bashaw, & Dr. Laci McRee
(not pictured – Dr. Stan Coppinger)

Dr. Jennifer Bashaw

Assistant Professor of Religion, School of Christian Studies

Dr. Catherine Cone

Professor of Biology, School of Natural and Social Sciences

Dr. Stan Coppinger

Professor of English, School of Humanities

Dr. Laci McRee

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology & Exercise Science, School of Education

Dr. Mark Miller

Associate Professor of Sociology, School of Natural and Social Sciences

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