Creating a Master Course Template

Using a Master Course Template is beneficial if you want your upcoming course to be created with the same assignments, quizzes, announcements etc. as a current course. All courses get loaded into Blackboard from POISE approximately 30 days before the semester begins. MASTER COURSE TEMPLATES must be created BEFORE these courses are loaded.

You do not have to recreate a master course template each semester. Once a template is created, it will be used each semester for that course.

Steps to create a Master Course Template in Blackboard:

  • Login to Blackboard
  • Open the Course you wish to be the Master Template for your course
  • Choose Packaging-Utilities (see Figure 1)
  • Choose Course Copy (see Figure 2)
  • Choose Copy to a New Course (see Figure 3)
  • Name the Master Course as CourseName_99ex:ENGL1301_99 (see Figure 4)
    • Use the current Blackboard course name.
    • Replace the Section Number with the _99. This is VERY Important!
  • Choose Select All Materials (see Figure 4)
  • Choose submit to complete the Master Course Creation (see Figure 5)
  • Note- you can only have ONE (1) Master Course Template in Blackboard per Course Number (including all sections), so you will need to coordinate with your Dean and colleagues as to which course/section will be used to create the Master Course Template.

(ex: ENGL1301_01,  ENGL1301_02,  ENGL1301_03... can only have one Master Template  ENGL1301_99)

Again, this is completely voluntary and you do NOT have to use Master Course Templates to populate future courses. Your will continue to have access to all your previous courses.

Figure 1: Open your Blackboard Course. Choose Package and Utilities.

Figure 2: Choose Copy Course from the Selections Listed

Figure 3: Name your course using this naming convention: CourseNumber_99 ex: ENGL1302_99 or MATH2320_99

Figure 4: Choose Select All

Figure 5: Choose Submit and this screen should show up