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East Texas Baptist University Hosts Annual Women’s Summit Featuring Guest Speaker Leah Holder Green

March 4, 2024

East Texas Baptist University hosted its annual Women’s Summit, Sunday, March 3, and Monday, March 4. This year, the summit featured Bible Study Curriculum Specialist and Bible Teacher Leah Holder Green.

Leah Holder Green's journey has been one of dedication to both education and ministry. Graduating from the University of Texas at Austin before earning a juris doctorate from the University of Texas School of Law, Green practiced law before transitioning to full-time ministry. Currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Christian Education at Dallas Theological Seminary, Green brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her teachings.

The Women’s Summit commenced on Sunday, March 3, with a night of worship for female students, faculty, and staff at ETBU Chapel on the Hill. ETBU Campus Visit Coordinator Shelby McNeal (’21) led worship through song and Green delivered a powerful message on the foundational aspects of where women should find their identity as followers of Christ.

“A lot of the identity traps we come into are because we are searching for something we already have in God,” Green said. “Our desire is to be seen, accepted, valued, and worthy. When we do not understand that we already have these things in God, we go searching for them outside of Him.”

On Monday, March 4, the Women’s Summit continued with a session tailored to the ETBU campus community. During Chapel, Green shared a simple message: Know Better, Do Better.

“Sometimes people are much more interested in learning their purpose before they want to know their identity. They want to know what they're supposed to do before they know who they're supposed to be,” Green shared. “The truth is, God’s people live for God’s purposes. We don't belong to any other person. We don't belong to any other institution or organization. Whatever you've been called, whoever has rejected you, remember you've been chosen by the living God. And no matter what tax bracket you come from, no matter what zip code you grew up in, you are a royal priest in Christ. We do better when we know we are God's.”

The Women’s Summit event closed on Monday afternoon with a special session for female faculty and staff from among the ETBU community. In this session, Green delved deeper into the topic of identity, addressing the unique responsibility of leaders to guide and nurture students as they navigate their own identities in Christ.

“My heart rejoices seeing the deepening of faith that unfolds each year at ETBU's Women's Summit,” Resident Director for Carlile Hall and ETBU Women’s Ministry Director Katee McKnight said. “It's always such a special time filled with sacred moments where women on our campus are reminded of and embrace their identity in Christ, strengthen their spiritual foundations, and learn and grow from one another through fellowship.”