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ETBU celebrates 2022 Women’s Summit

March 17, 2022

Women of the East Texas Baptist University campus community, including students, faculty, and staff, gathered on March 14 for the 2022 Women’s Summit. The event’s Chapel service, luncheon, tea, and worship featured guest speaker Katie McCoy, who serves as the Director of Women’s Ministry at Texas Baptists.

“Whether you realize this or not, you have an aim right now. And it is the driving force of your life. It is the driving force propelling your soul because whatever you're aiming for, that is what you are depending on,” McCoy said. “If we have Christ, we already have found what is most worthy and worth living for.”

The Summit’s focus, Knowing HIM, encouraged ETBU Women to develop God’s gifts in fulfilling His purposes. McCoy also encouraged women who attended the luncheon to not only consume discipleship but to connect and contribute to it as well through relationships.

“You may not think of yourselves as ministers in the Church, but if you are in Christ, you are a minister,” McCoy said during the luncheon. “And you are, especially given the fact that you are a woman, a minister to other women. There are women who have had your experiences, experiences that you will look back on and realize that they were difficult things that the Lord allowed you to go through so that you can help and invest in others. Whether it’s sickness or health challenges, or growing into adulthood, becoming a newlywed, becoming a new mom, or navigating being single in your 30s. I want to encourage you to think beyond life stages and beyond circumstances. What are you going to contribute to other people in the church? What are you going to contribute to people who are your brothers and sisters?”

The Women’s Summit serves as an opportunity for the women on ETBU’s campus to connect and grow together through learning and fellowship. The luncheon and tea gave McCoy a unique opportunity to minister to the women on ETBU’s campus in a smaller, more personal setting.

“It is encouraging to meet and fellowship with other women on campus who are called to minister to others,” ETBU Spiritual Life Assistant Madison Burns said. “I love catching up with all of the ladies at events like Women’s Summit and learning more about how they are representing the Kingdom in their fields. It’s a joy to see women cheering each other on and recognizing that we are all on the same team. We were created for community and are not meant to do life alone. Katie is an exceptional speaker, a leader in women’s ministry, and has great experience in training those interested in women’s ministry. I believe she benefitted our faculty, staff, and students with her wisdom and encouragement.”