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ETBU begins accepting the Classic Learning Test on enrollment applications

January 16, 2019

East Texas Baptist University recently partnered with Classic Learning Initiatives (CLI) and joined the CLT College Network to begin accepting the Classic Learning Test (CLT) scores submitted by prospective students as a college admissions score. ETBU and CLI share a mission to provide students from diverse educational backgrounds with the best opportunity to succeed in the college admissions process.

“When we learned of the CLT, and after researching the test, ETBU leaders knew it would be a great standardized test option for prospective Tigers,” ETBU Vice President for Enrollment and Administrative Affairs Kevin Caffey said. “With the growing number of homeschool and private school students choosing ETBU, we found the CLT appropriate for the education they received in high school. We expect it will provide an accurate measure of college readiness as we determine admission for these students.”

The CLT is a college entrance exam designed to showcase students’ potential in literature, science, and mathematics. As an accurate and rigorous measure of reasoning, education, and academic formation, the CLT features passages from great works across a variety of disciplines and cultures.

Founded in 2015 to provide alternative standardized testing rooted in tradition and using modern technology, the CLT is administered online within two hours and students receive same-day test results that can be shared immediately with all partner institutions. The CLT also provides colleges and secondary schools with the detailed information needed to make decisions about admissions, curricula, and instruction.

“Classical learning has become such a renewed point of emphasis across secondary and higher education, it makes sense to use a national assessment to evaluate prior learning and readiness as a part of admission and awarding of scholarships,” ETBU Vice President for Academic Affairs Thomas Sanders commented.

In addition to other academic merit scholarships ranging from $4,000 to $16,000 per year, ETBU offers a one-time, $2,500 scholarship toward students, who score within the top one percent of the CLT10, the official preparatory assessment for the CLT primarily offered to ninth and tenth-grade students.

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